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To become a Warmaster, one must prove to the Emperor that one puts the needs of others before their own needs, and that they consider the state and the citizens to be at least as important. Most Warmasters have had long careers in the military, winning battles, fighting incursions, and protecting border worlds before they are even considered for the position, let alone nominated or granted it. Strength of character is paramount. Those who cannot qualify to become a Warmaster or do not have lives long enough to wait for a position to become available join the Admiralty instead.


Basically, one must earn the absolute trust of the Emperor through service and devotion to duty and honor before one is granted the authority to act in his name.


The Emperor decides who has earned the rank of Warmaster, not the Admiralty. There can only be 6 at any given time, and as most of them are Obsidian dragons, waiting for one to retire or die is a long time coming. Warmasters are selected not only based on their military career, but on their dedication to the Empire, the ideals of the Throne, and their willingness to do whatever they must to protect their fellow citizens.


Warmasters are the last word in active strategy. They cannot be overruled by the Admiralty in matters of battle or tactics. When conflict exists, they are the final authority before the Emperor, and they answer only to him. In all other ways, they are the same as any other fleet commander. They lead any formation they are a part of. Their word is law until countermanded by the Emperor.


Warmasters command small personal fleets. They take on special missions assigned by the Emperor for the protection of the Empire. They assume command over defensive forces engaging in border actions, when needed, but otherwise they are concerned with the bigger picture. Their crews are hand-picked, with approval being requested of the Admiralty, though that can be overwritten by the Emperor if the Admiralty is being intractable.


Besides the absolute authority that comes will having proven one has the right character to serve the Emperor directly? The Warmaster is compensated well, allowed more leniency in social affairs, and is considered a guest of honor at affairs of state. Additionally, they are also considered diplomats and can broker treaties, with the Emperor's final approval on the details.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Age and the withering of mind, body or spirit are the only reasons one might be dismissed from service as a Warmaster. Retirement is the typical reason on stops.

Cultural Significance

Warmasters are folk heroes. Their exploits are legend. They are defenders of the people.

Notable Holders

The most notable current holder of this rank is Palak, the Consort to the Crown Prince, who is recognized as the youngest dragon to ever be made a Warmaster at the age of 10000.

Civic, Military, Commissioned
Length of Term
Until they decide to retire, are incapacitated and cannot command, or until they are determined to no longer be fit to lead for any reason by the Emperor.
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