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The Overlooked


The overlooked operate in cells of 3 to 300 mice, rats and assorted other rodents, covering a geographic area of up to 30 square miles. If there is a building, bunker, silo, house, or shed in their territory, they know about it, have at least 20 ways in and out, and have placed eavesdropping equipment in strategic locations around it to make certain nothing happens they aren't aware of. In cities, there is a cell for every building, every block, or every tunnel, depending on how busy the locations are.   Each cell has a coordinator who acts as the interface with the Prime Operative, the head of the Overlooked. Reports are made and missions are handed out when needed by these coordinators. Everyone, however, in a cell is equal, and there are no ranks, no uniforms, and no identifying marks. Individual operatives dress, or not, depending on the level of covert activity called for, as they please. Each specializes in areas of skill or knowledge that work best for their location, and coordinators can suggest reassignments if specializations don't mesh with needs of the cell.   No one is forced to stay in their cell, either. Interpersonal politics is not tolerated in cells by the Prime Operative. If personality conflicts develop, they are told to handle them quickly, or the entire cell will be dissolved and replaced. Cells must be easy to miss, overlooked, or they can't function as they need. This makes it impossible for hard feelings to be allowed to fester. Cells are highly mobile because of this, allowing members to move to new cells if they cannot operate effectively in their old cell because of personality conflicts.

Public Agenda

The Overlooked are the intelligence apparatus of the Furres. They are not a public entity, and no one outside of the Council of Five and the Imperial Leadership on Earth know about them.


The Overlooked capture, re-purpose, and hack into equipment used by humans to conduct surveillance on their activities, be it economic, civil, or military. There is no structure in the world they haven't gotten into, and there is no fail-safe in the world secure enough to prevent them from getting what they want. They take what they need on site, re-purpose it, and turn it against its owners.

Nothing is overlooked but us.

Information Network

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