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The Federation


The Federation is organized under the Monarch, who is the leader of the Khai-Shiang, the interstellar Kingdom of the Star. This is the largest population in the Federation, and so the Monarch never has to worry about winning an election to remain leader, nor even to face opposition for the position.   Under him is the Senate, where representatives of each system in the Federation deliberate on what laws need to be created, which ones need to be modified or removed, and how to handle the crisis of the day. Their proposals are passed to the Monarch, who either accepts the proposal, or rejects it and offers his counter-proposal for debate. Consequently, change is slow in the Federation because getting so many to agree on any point is a feat of willpower.   Senators typically form power blocs which control certain forms of legislation, and if they all agree on a particular course of action, then the rest of the Senate, unless strongly opposed, will vote to go along with it. This has become neccesary to get around the required 75% approval rating needed for a proposal to be allowed up to the Monarch.   Under the Senator, who represents the system to the Federation are the Planetary Governors, appointed by the Senators. They run the day-to-day of the worlds they manage, and report directly to the Senator on a regular basis, whatever that may be between the Senator and the Planetary Governor. Governors will provide information on crises that require Federation aid, and suggest initial proposals for relief that the Senate can vote on.   Individual states on governed worlds are allowed to take whatever form they like, so long as they are agreed upon by the local population. Thus most of them are some form of democracy.

Public Agenda

The Federation believes in strong borders and protecting its citizens. Though more of a republic than a federation, the worlds under the Federation banner enjoy a high standard of living, and have not known war, directly, in many thousands of years. This has lulled the populous into a false sense of security.


The Federation maintains a standing military to defend itself. While the constabulary see to law and order, and the Order maintains the general safety of the worlds on the ground, the military maintains the integrity of the Federation's territory. As Shiang make up a huge portion of the population, they tend to make up a large portion of the military as well.   But, a disproportionately large number of Sergal make up the military, too, and they bring with them their own power structure, which often conflicts with that of the military itself. As such, they have been shunted out of the military proper and into auxiliary groups expressly for engagements with border incursions. Additionally, a large population of Sergal military personnel operate outside of even that power structure and raid border worlds outside the Federation. While they are military in name only, they at least have the common sense not to use recognizable logos and markings that can be traced back to the Federation proper.

Technological Level

The Federation is a Kardeshev Type 1 civilization. They can harness the power of any star they govern, but they have no ability to operate on a larger scale. This is mostly because, despite the public facade to the contrary, the Shiang Monarchy is in decline. While they were once the greatest government in the galaxy, controlling most, if not all, of the habitable worlds, they have fallen back further and further, from a Type 2, to their limited state now as a Type 1.   And as disheartening as that might be, the Sergal aren't even that. Left to their own devices, the Sergal wouldn't have ever progressed past the stage of fuedal hunter/gatherers. They're simply too violent and too aggressive for anyone to trust. The only reason they're members in the Federation is that they are willing and eager to waste their lives int he military fighting opponents they can't hope to win against.

Geopolitical, Republic
Alternative Names
The Shiang Federation
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
The Federation recognizes the Ducat, the Quill and the Realm as official units of currency. There are 100 ducats in a quill, and 100 quills in a realm. These are used, respectively, to pay for every day items, food and sundries, durable goods like clothing, electronic conveniences, and utilities, and luxury items, like vehicles, homes, and social status.
Legislative Body
The Senate is wholly responsible for the writing of laws and policies, which are sent as proposals for approval to the Monarch. It requires a 75% majority to submit a proposal for codification into law, but in the event of a 100% unanimous vote, the Monarch is merely notified of the event, and the law is codified immediately. This obviously don't happen very often.
Judicial Body
The Courts preside over all matters of implementation of the law, from enforcement to execution. The day-today policing of citizens is carefully handled by members of a constabulary hired by the Planetary Governor's office. They can be from any race, but sergal have a hard time becoming constables because of their social structure. In fact, they have a hard time attaining any public office because no one trusts them, except other sergal. Maybe.   The only exception to this process is the government itself. The Senate and Monarch are held to a higher standard, and so they are watched over by a higher authority than the Courts. They are watched over by the Order of the Silver Star, an elite group of knights who have authority to mete out both high and low justice equally. But they are held to a much higher standard and the requirements for becoming a Knight of the Order are very strict. Training is difficult and failure at any stage could mean expulsion from the Order. Knights are recognized by their lack of clothing and weapons, and their ability to make weapons appear from any surface.
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

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