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The Darkness

The Darkness (a.k.a. Destroyer of All, Consumer of Life, He Which Will Snuff Out the World, The Anti-Life)

Divine Domains

Death, Destruction, Oblivion

Holy Books & Codes

None. Only those who are alive can reads and the Darkness hates all life, even that which serves it. It promises only Destruction and Oblivion. No salvation, no eternal spiritual existence, just death and then obliteration of the soul. Life must be extinguished completely.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

None. Symbols are for the living.

Tenets of Faith

All Life Must Perish.


None. Holidays are for living.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

The end of all Life in Every Universe.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The Darkness has no physical body. At least not anymore. Prior to its collapse, the physical body of the Darkness would have been its universe.

Body Features


Facial Features


Identifying Characteristics

Hostility towards life.

Physical quirks


Special abilities

The Darkness con telepathically invade the mind of anyone it chooses and speak to them in the language of its choosing, so long as they understand it. Unlike normal telepathy, understanding of the concept is not required because the Darkness knows things that cannot be understood by the frail minds of living beings. Only someone imbued with a divine spark is capable of understanding the mind of the Darkness in a true telepathic sense. For others, crude base language will have to do, and hopefully there is a word for what the Darkness wishes to say.

Apparel & Accessories


Specialized Equipment


Mental characteristics

Personal history

Like the Mother, the Darkness was born in the Void, the non-dimensional space between universes. It's an ironic descriptor, since the Darkness and the Mother are, or in the case of the Darkness, were, universes. Time has had no meaning in the Void since the first moment of sapience formed within it, for the entities who reside there are pure intellect, as well as the universes that reside in the lower/higher dimensions. It's hard to know which direction is up or down when there are no dimensions by which to judge.   The Darkness, however, was one of the universes that, originally championed life, but in recklessly promoting it, caused its own death and became a hollow shell that now hates life and wishes to destroy it all. It cannot fathom how it came to die at the hands of the living it fostered and believes that living things hate their own universes and seek to cause their collapse and destruction. It does not know or will not accept that those who destroyed it did so by accident, and upon realizing what they had done committed suicide down to the last. They could not live with the horror of their actions, or the sheer scale of the deaths they caused. It was not just one, but three universes that they cause to collapse.   The Darkness has since championed the cause of ending life in every universe that it infects. It's two dead brothers are also bitter about having been killed, but rightly blame the Darkness for his reckless fostering of life and rapid growth that lead to their demise, a position that the Darkness refuses to accept.


This is not something that has any meaning.


This is not something that has any meaning.

Failures & Embarrassments

Getting his universe collapsed by his own life and then blaming it on all life, instead of the reckless way he promoted their existence and accelerated their growth, destroying two other universes at the same time.

Mental Trauma

The Darkness is severely traumatized by its own recklessness that lead to its destruction. It has become irrational as a result.


Not relevant.

Personality Characteristics


The Darkness has come to hate the very life it once championed after that life destroyed it utterly. It now seeks to end all life in every universe, in every form it comes in, and in every way it can.

Likes & Dislikes

The Darkness has an unabiding hatred of all things living stemming from its own mistaken recklessness.

Virtues & Personality perks

None. The Darkness is as shallow and hollow as its now destroyed universe.

Vices & Personality flaws

Perverse and sadistic interest in slowly ending life in the most painful ways possible while instilling horror and fear in the living being being destroyed.

Personality Quirks

Hostility, anger, and loathing.


Not relevant.


Contacts & Relations

The Blood Clan - Devoted Servants of Death and Misery   Prince Pollar - Willing Vessel   The Darkhide Clan - Unwitting Pawns

Family Ties

The Darkness is one of the myriad Universal Entities that inhabit the non-dimensional space of the Void. It is brother to the Mother, and to all of the God-like entities that hate life, or, like the Mother, champion its creation. Its death is one of the catalysts that started the proxy war of ideology that the Gods have been fighting between those who embrace life, and those who were destroyed by it, or think its a really bad idea.

Religious Views

It's a God. A Dead God, but a God nonetheless.


Open hostility, obscene and profane language, and depravity without end are all hallmarks of interacting with the Darkness. Its insatiable hatred of the living is such that it refuses to accord them any civility or courtesy, and only treats with them to further its goals, torment the chosen champions of the Mother, or to scare and disturb those who might aid them.

Hobbies & Pets

None. Getting the living to bring it forth into their universe is a full-time job, not a hobby.


Listening to the Darkness speak has a tendency to make one's ears, nose or eyes begin bleeding. It's voice has a pressure that the living cannot tolerate for long. But it is not allowed to kill any living itself until it has been brought corporeally into this Universe. To do so would invoke a penalty of the Mother's choosing. The last time it violated this rule the Mother created an Angel imbued with a portion of her power.

Wealth & Financial state

None. The living covet money.

Divine Classification
Current Location
The Void
The Void
The Mother
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Dead One. The Darkness at the End of the Tunnel. Creeper in the Dark. Snuffer of All Life. That Which Would Destroy the Living.
77999999993 12395782956 65604217037 years old
Circumstances of Birth
The Big Bang
Circumstances of Death
Collapse of Dimensional Membrane by The Anomaly
The Non-Dimensional Space of the Void
Current Residence
The Non-Dimensional Space of the Void
Biological Sex
Not relevant.
Gender Identity
Not relevant.
Skin Tone
Aligned Organization
The Mother
Known Languages
All. The Darkness speaks directly into the minds of those with whom it chooses to converse, which can cause neurological damage.
Character Prototype
Unknowable Cosmic Horror.

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