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Naming Traditions

Unisex names

Since Lutrani, of all Shiang, are often "twice-blessed" their names are neither masculine nor feminine. They just are Lutrani. Khazahn, Tanrac, Saris, Loria, Tren, Fahl, and Tork are very typical Lutrani names.

Family names

Lutrani family names are usually derived from events or legends of the family, typically from another age. Starhunter, Starsong, Everstrong, Strongflow, Rivermaster, etc are some typical family names.

Other names

Lutrani can, and sometimes do, change their family names if they achieve an event of significance. Recognition by the Monarch often changes the direction of a family line, creating a new family name.


Major language groups and dialects

Lutrani speak both their own language and the Shiang merged language. The traditional Lutrani tongue sounds like chattering, chittering, and barks mixed together, making it nearly impossible for humans to understand or speak.

Culture and cultural heritage

The war between Shiang peoples exacted a heavy price, and even now they know that they haven't relearned a tenth of what they had before they found peace. They had literally fought themselves back into an almost pre-interstellar travel state. Their most brilliant minds were spent and dead, and technologies that came from the war were shunned in the peace that followed in favor of more simple life of cooperation. While technology wasn't shunned completely, implements of war were seen as dangerous.   The Lutrani Monarch, having been the first to accept the new genetic protocol and test it on himself, earned the right to lead, at least initially. Off and on, throughout the history of the Federation, the Monarchy has been outvoted by the populace in favor of someone else for a time, and always they return to fix the problems that the excesses of the fringe create. The Lutrani believe that their boundless optimism occasionally grates on people's nerves, but when they see the alternatives, they come back and accept that having a positive attitude isn't a bad thing.

Average technological level

The Lutrani are attempting to reclaim a lot of the lost technology that they had before the Fall of the Old Kingdoms. At this point, they ahve obtained the ability to use 100% of the energy of a given solar system, but cannot use 100% of the energy of a galaxy, so they lay somewhere between a Kardashev Level 1 and Level 2 society.

Common Etiquette rules

Lutrani have little concept of personal space when it comes to other species. While not rude, insulting, or malicious about it, Lutrani will climb on those who are at least twice as large as they are, tease and touch them in ways that may be inappropriate to other species, and make lewd suggestions as if they were asking to go to lunch. Lutrani aren't as insistent about it as Gulo, who will ask twice if they don't get an affirmative reply, and they aren't as inquisitive as a Fero in their climbing. Those who become friends of a Lutrani will get used to being part friend, part beast of burden/transport, because they bring so much to the relationship that it makes up for the annoyances.   Between each other, the "climbing" takes the form of being really handsy. Lutrani will paw, caress, nuzzle, and fondle one another, even if they've only just met. It's just their way.

Common Dress code

In private, Lutrani don't wear anything, or only wear simple arm, leg, and tail wraps that carry their personal items in waterproof pockets. This allows them the most freedom of movement underwater, where they feel the most secure.   When in public, Lutrani wear more modest clothing, if a tad casual, even in the most formal of occasions. It's been rumored that the Monarch once conducted an entire day's business in public having forgotten to put on any pants and no one either noticed or said anything.

Art & Architecture

Lutrani architecture flows. They build corridors that use currents to move them between chambers, and there are distinct up and down corridors so that movement between floors is fast and efficient. They've learned to harness enough gravity technology, to put water shafts in land buildings so they can swim between floors, too.   Similarly, Lutrani art flows, and their kinetic water sculptures are among the most beautiful in the galaxy.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Because of their affinity for the water, their ability to control it, and their love of it, Lutrani see everything as having currents, being in motion. This extends to the time they see when they look at others. They, even more than the Fero, can understand the flow of probability. Just looking at someone, most Lutrani can get a sense of what's going to happen to them in the next few minutes. It is not an uncommon gift for a Lutrani to be able to see much further forward and back, making them Oracles of a sort.

Coming of Age Rites

Lutrani observe no special rites past those observed by all Shiang when a pup comes of age. It is cause of celebration, partying, and, most importantly, an orgy.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Lutrani discovered long ago that they could detect the flow of probability, as noted above. Consequently, when they are almost certain that someone is about to die, they will follow them until it happens. They can telepathically counsel the spirit of the deceased, and help ease them back into the River of Life so they can come back on the changing of the tides for another go around. This practice is unique among the Shiang to the Lutrani, and most citizens of the Federation seek out someone with this ability if someone close to them is dying so they can be there to release them. Even those who don't believe in the River do this because whatever is happening when they act, the world seems just a little more hopeful when it's done.   Lutrani don't mourn the passing of others. They celebrate their lives and look forward to their eventual return. Yes, the pain of loss still hurts, but it isn't forever, and they will see their old friends again in the fullness of time.

Common Taboos

The only taboo that Lutrani recognize is turning someone in need away for selfish reasons. Lutrani don't judge others, so this is a big social taboo for one of them to commit. Those who see a Lutrani acting petty or selfish will be shocked, and will shun the offender. Of course, they're quick to forgive if an apology is made and heartfelt. Sometimes even the most saintly has a moment of inner doubt.

Historical figures

The most important figure in the Lutrani history is the First Federation Monarch. It was he who was first to accept the genetic protocol, and took two mates, one from the Fero and one from the Gulo, and sired his first heirs with them. This bond paved the way for the lasting peace that has made the Shiang Kingdom stable for nearly as long as the Empire.


Beauty Ideals

Lutrani find beauty wherever the look. They are the philosopher poets of the Shiang. They look at the world and see only the good, and even in the worst person they will find the one redeeming quality. They are the perpetual optimist. If you're feeling depressed, find a Lutrani, because they are the ultimate shoulder to cry on. And they never judge. You're beautiful to them, any way you want to be.

Gender Ideals

Lutrani are among the most free-spirited of Shiang, and so they don't judge others and assign them roles, genders, or holes which they must fit into. Instead, they get to know others and find out where they feel they belong, and then let them be that. They accept others as they want to be, and will help them be it as much as they want.

Courtship Ideals

Lutrani courtship is typically long, involved, and takes a lot of getting to know their prospective mate. This doesn't preclude sexual activity, as Shiang of all kinds will have sex with one another at the drop of a hat. No, this is getting to know the person and determining if they are truly worth the time, worth making worth the time, or if they're just going to be a really good fuck-buddy. When they decide to move forward with someone, they will mark them by biting down on their shoulder during sex. If their prospective partner reciprocates their signal, both will bite down and draw blood, leaving a little scar on their shoulder. Lutrani have been known to get these scars highlighted with bio-luminescent dyes and tattoos to show off that they're in a committed relationship. They're still DTF, of course.

Relationship Ideals

Lutrani look for people who are fun, people who need help, people who have passions, to form relationships with. They are adventurous, bold, and compassionate. They love doing new things, fighting against all odds, and celebrating as hard as they fight. While they aren't the warriors that the Gulo are, even the Gulo learned to respect the Lutrani when they're in their own element.   Never underestimate what a Lutrani can do for you, and if one wants to be your friend, let them. You might live to regret it, but you won't want to trade the experience for anything.

Encompassed species
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