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Lair is a massive Super Earth with 16 distinct ring structures orbiting its equator and 62 moons, moonlets, and asteroids caught in its gravity well. All of them are now in stabilized orbits for permanence. Lair, itself, is an Arcology World, the entire surface being covered with one large city. The city is divided into districts, with the district of Throne being the location of the Basalt Palace. Anything and everything you can find anywhere in the Empire can be found represented on Lair.   Lair was once rich in volcanic activity a long time ago, but now it has become less tectonicly active. Obsidians still like to wade into lava pools, but the only ones left are deep under the surface.

Fauna & Flora

130 billion people live on Lair. There are several large districts for forests, parks, lakes, and even an ocean district, each maintained and monitored to insure they remain in balance against the needs of the city districts. There is no native wildlife on Lair anymore. The trees and plant life are pollinated artificially and the needs of the vegetation have been taken over by machines or synthetics.

Natural Resources

The only natural resources left are minimal, and even those are fairly well mined out. Lair is a fully utilized world, and there is no room to grow or expand for it. It is, for all intents and purposes, dead, but it remains the beating heart of the Empire. Economically, all trade passes through Lair, and so it will also never die.

Alternative Name(s)
Seat of Power for the Eternal Empire, Home of the Obsidian Dragons
Owning Organization
The Eternal Empire

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