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The Juggernaut, the World Killer. An immense machine-clad dragon striding across the landscape with enough firepower to level a city in a few minutes, destroy a country in a few hours, or wipe all life on the face of a planet away in less than a day. Juggernauts are walking weapons platforms, worn and controlled by gigantic dragons known as wyrms. Each wyrm is paired with a drake who is his pilot, though the title is a glorified and grandiose nod to the arrogance of drakes that a wyrm would need to be guided. In reality, the pilot is merely a buffer between a commander and the wyrm, as most drakes treat wyrms like beasts of burden, despite being related to them and being of equal intelligence. Juggernaut Cores, as they are known, put up with it because there are no other alternatives for them in Imperial society for work. Their pilots are their best, and often only friends.

Power Generation

Juggernauts are powered by a pair of binary forced plasma batteries, a form of fusion reactor that requires next to no maintenance. It can supply power for the Juggernaut and crew under even strenuous conditions for an indefinite period.


The Juggernaut system used psioinic amplification crystals to magnify the natural telekinetic skills of the Core to produce thrust in atmosphere. Outside the atmosphere the Juggernaut system uses the BFPBs to power the reactionless drive for manuvuering, and a standard gravity tunneling drive to jump between star systems. Juggernauts are only capable of making a few jumps before they need to be overhauled.

Weapons & Armament

The crew is made up of 1 officer/commander, 1 Pilot, 1 Core, and up to 7 gunners. Each gunner has a hardpoint mount for any number of mission specific weapons.   Additionally, the Core can deploy his breath weapon through the psionic amplification system to produce horrific results.

Armor and defense

Juggernaut armor is made of Reflex Bioceramic, just like all Imperial war machines. It is strong, self-repairing, and will deflect most incoming energy away from the Core.

Communication Tools & Systems

Psionic Communication Network, x2 psionic magnification


Psionic Enhancement Sensors, x4 psionic magnification

Additional & auxiliary systems

Varies by mission.

Hangars & docked vessels


Used by
World Killer
The Eternal Empire
Owning Organization
The Eternal Empire
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
Limited to provisions and stasis pods.
6 m to 10.8 m and 20 m
15 m to 27 m and 50 m, depending on the species of the Core
8 m to 14.4 m and 26.7 m
30 tonnes to 54 tonnes and 100 tonnes
Capable of a Lens Magnification Factor (LMF) of x20 in space. Typically travel at approximately 400 km/h on land. Fly in atmosphere at Mach 4.2 at 3000 m.
10, including Pilot and Core
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
Limited to provisions and stasis pods.

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