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The Red Watch

The Red Watch, a mercenary band based out of Goltaraimm, was founded in 1351 AN by now leader Magnus Rødtrødt. This small but competent band of around 50 standing fighters, often serve as bodyguards in the gang infested streets of Asayahbat, or patrolling the eastern border of the endless fog. The group was founded with the initial purpose of warding against things of an unnatural or occult nature, Magnus found this niche to be unoccupied in Asayahbat, and especially profitable. While still a fledgling group, the Red Watch has already made a name for itself by being especially discrete, effective, and knowledgeable.  

Guild Hall

The Red Watch guild hall was built after some difficult legal barriers, on top of The Salted Plateau north of Asayahbat. It is easily seen from the Sea of Hazakh to all boats coming in from the northern route, and varying points in the city.  


The only requirements for entry, are that the applicant must first receive an invitation from an existing member, and that they must complete a physical conditioning trial called “Hell come quickly”   Not only do the members of the Red Watch train their bodies, but also their minds. Magnus oversees training regarding tactics, geography, local culture, flora and fauna, and even philosophy.   The Red Watch has a zero tolerance policy for misconduct, mostly resulting in immediate dismissal, and in more serious cases execution. Magnus has only had to exercise the latter once.   Notable officers among the Red Watch:
  • Magnus (Commander) - the face of the organization and has final say on any and all decisions.
  • Crozz (First Lieutenant) - responsible for day to day business and logistics.
  • Regal (Lieutenant) - responsible for handling clients. 
  • Black luck (master at arms) - handles the maintenance of gear, and the physical training of soldiers.
  The Red Watch are most recognizable by the Red eye sigil seen on their armor and shields, the watch has no official uniform, aside from a red cloak worn by every member
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary

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