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The 32nd Association of The Sounding

Originating in Trentsmund, the Sounding has grown to become an international society of futurists and paranormal researchers. Their interests lie in advanced technology, as well as spiritual, magical, and aberrant phenomena. Wherever the laws of nature don’t seem to add up, the Sounding is sure to be there.Employing a diverse assembly of scientists, engineers, mystics, and psychics from around the world, the Sounding has an iron in almost every fire. Its agents are often those whose lives have been irrevocably changed by the extraordinary experiences that led them to join the society in the first place.

Most are nursing a deeply personal agenda that drives them to seek out the horrific and unnatural.Members of the Sounding are divided geographically into Associations, which consist of any and all local investigators. The resources available to an Association depend on its particular members, but most are hosted by a wealthy patron, whose home functions as a headquarters. Other common figures within the organization are ghost-hunters, psychics, mimessarchs, experimental surgeons, and steam engineers.      

The 32nd Association

This particular Association is led by Vincent Gifford, and has made a recent venture to Goltaraim, setting up base within The Sanctuary in Asayahbat. Their current endeavors have been to explore ruins within Qur-Dolakh to find answers about a curious artifact of geometric cube-like structure.

Rank Prerequisites
Agent Renown of 1
Investigator Renown of 3
Patron Renown of 3, net worth of 200,000 Marks
Deputy Renown of 10
Director Renown of 25


Vincent Gifford - Human Male - Lead Investigator
Burge Hetland - Human Male - Scientist/Researcher
Sadrey Kem - Sarrow Female - Machinist/Inventor
Trez U-moki - Telmatra Male - Arcanist/Ritualist  


  • Jasmine Moring - Human Female - Cook/Campkeep
  • Les Kraber - Human Male - Logistics/Transportation
  • James Rudolph - Human Male - Cartogrophy/Navigation
  • Lila Andrews - Human Female - Security
  • Cedric Andrews - Human Male - Security
  • Perry Smith - Human Male - Accountant/Treasurer
The Sounding.PNG
Expedition, Scientific

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