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Patron Gideon

Gideon, as he is exclusively known to his associates locally, is a clandestinely powerful individual who emigrated from Trentsmund and began building his fortune out of his endeavors in the sandy region of Goltaraim. He is the owner of Gideon's in The Candles of Asayahbat. Professionally he is an inventor, gunsmith, and gadgeteer. Oliver Vellsport, his close associate, reveres him as a bit of a crazed genius in the way he approaches his undertakings. Frequently absent from the day to day operations of his shop in The Candles, it is believed he is traveling making business connections, acquiring contracts, or otherwise building his fortune for future pursuits.   He appears to be in his mid 50's with incredibly sharp features. His hair is generally well kept beginning to fade from a deep black to a peppered gray, and flowing to full blown white on the sideburns. His skin is permanently creased where it appears he wears a near constant furrowing of the brows and high peaked eyebrows. The most distinguishing characteristics of Gideon are his high class aristocratic clothing and always-worn face mask. He frequently wears high coats of navy blue and gold, or deep blacks and silvers. Upon his face is a leather mask covering his mouth and nose that is a housing for metallic constructs of unknown purpose. The mask itself is not just worn, but is fastened to his face through anchors that emerge from his skin beneath his earlobes - seemingly fastened to his jawbone. Attached to the upper part of the mask, and fixed in place by metal framing is an interchangeable eyeglass. Whether the eyeglass is corrective, magnifying, or both is unclear.   Gideon speaks with a cracked and rough, almost struggled cadence. Immediately his voice seems to indicate some type of injury or lasting damage to his vocal chords. Nevertheless, the force of personality and conviction with which he speaks his words often commands those around him to listen closely, even if just to understand. Overall he presents himself with a driven but mysterious man, with an iron in many fires.   It has been made known recently that he is the benefactor, or patron of The 32nd Association of The Sounding in the region of Qur-Dolakh. Due to his largescale funding of their work locally, he has a large say in the investigations and pursuits the association engage in.   Gideon also suffers from eisoptrophobia, or the fear of mirrors and reflective surfaces. He does not have any in his personal workshop or residences, and frequently works with coarse metal that remains unpolished.

Mental characteristics

Intellectual Characteristics

Flashes of Genius/Hints of Madness

He has often been perceived by his peers and associates to have incredible flashes of insight or revelations, specifically to new inventions of mechanical revolution.  With this comes a lingering and misunderstood madness.  He sometimes exhibits characteristics that are socially uncomfortable such as mumblings, strange twitches, or overly brazen ideas and suggestions.  This seems to be a long lasting effect of his life's work and many personal endeavors.


Contacts & Relations




Towards Oliver Vellsport


Oliver Vellsport


Towards Gideon




Towards Vincent Gifford


Vincent Gifford

Associate Investigator

Towards Gideon


Wealth & Financial state

  • Gideon's in The Candles of Asayahbat 
  • Manor in The Keepsilent
  • Manor/Workshop in Trenstmund
  • "The Vellam Grey" A mechanical sea/sky faring ship.
Date of Birth
1295 AN
Biological Sex
Peppered Black, with white sideburns
Known Languages
Trentsmin, Motare, Goltalaid, Illjerkr, Roccurish, Quitzal

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