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Any vampire who has not fed for the past three days undergoes "fame," a horrible condition that causes a vampire to become one of the undead. As such, they can posses a wide selection of forms and varying levels of intelligence, which can lead to arguments among the vampires on whether the undead should be eradicated or used as a bioweapon in wars.  
A scrawny man kept still as the footsteps edged closer. A strange groan came from its direction, making him feel very alone. It reminded him that was knocking on his door. He had nothing left, save for the bottle of gin shoved inside his jacket.   The groan grew louder as the footsteps stumbled into what remained of a kitchen, seeming to drift further away. Taking a slow, deep breath, he peered around the edge of a bookshelf that served as a barrier between him and whatever that shambling creature was. His eyes scanned the area for any sign of the creature. What the man didn't prepare for was his jacket. The upper flap of it draped open and the bottle of gin slipped out, crashing to the wooden floor.   For a split second, the room became deadly silent. The man froze in terror, his eyes widening. Then, the growling returned as the footsteps returned and the creature came to the entrance of the room the man hid in. It stumbled forward, the groans twisting and turning into growls. The creature swiveled its head from side to side, as if looking for prey. It paused, another groan leaving it when its gaze landed on the man, and it began stumbled forward, arms outstretched.   The man opened his mouth to scream, yet nothing came out. He scrambled backward, holding his arms out, soft squeaks leaving his lips as he attempted to yell, "Stay back!" at the creature. It kept coming forward, jaw opening wide and then snapping shut.   The last thing heard in the room was a loud scream piercing the air as the sound of flesh was ripped open...
— an undead attack

General Appearance

As the undead, they usually portray a pale white appearance with ruby-red lips and blood-red eyes, but if they are unable to feed for a certain period of time (roughly two weeks), the undead will start to decay and show signs of stupidity, hunger, and a smell of rotten meat as their flesh begins to decay. Surprising enough, their nails and teeth are sharp, able to rip through flesh and bone like its nothing.   In the beginning, their skin is pure white, almost translucent, and colder than ice. Touching their skin can easily cause frostburn. Their hair turns black and because they are unhygenic, their hair is unkempt, oily, and greasy. Their faces also appear smooth like porcelain. The longer they starve, the faster their eyes become ringed like a raccoon with their irises glowing red.   The longer the flesh decays, the grosser the skin becomes, with flesh falling off in chunks or becoming like saggy, wet rubber. Soon, the body will start to appear like a skeleton with skin wrapped tightly over the bones. In hot climates, the skin becomes tannish and brittle, while warm and cool climates make the skin green and puss-filled. As for cold climates, the skin becomes icy-blue or navy blue with gelatin-like liquids within the body.

Table of Contents

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Conservation Status
They are not protected and are said to be killed at any cost.
Quick Facts
Genetic Ancestors:
Origin / Ancestry:
When a vampire undergoes fame.
Eye Colors:
Skin Tones:
Ashen / Pale
Average Height:
5'9" (175.26 cm) - 6'5" (195.58 cm)


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Like golems, in order for an undead to possess any intelligence, it must be artificially inserted via the accumulation of sun or moon magick, or be in the first stage of fame. This also tends to be limited to the state of decay the brain of the undead has experienced. Therefore, the majority of undead are usually mindless automations or thralls, such as skeletons or zombies.   All organic parts of an undead's body are dead and will eventually rot away into nothing. Needless to say, as they have no working digestive tract, they are unable to receive chemical energy from food to propel their body. As they are dead, they are unaffected by the normal negative health influences of this procedure.   However, all undead will instinctively seek out sources of flesh and blood to curb their insatiable appetite. For them to sustain themselves, the udnead require the killing of many living creatures. If unable to sustain themselves, they will progressively grow slower and weaker before crumbling altogether.  

Cognitive Function

The undead have three different levels of cognitive functions. This distinction into three different levels was first proposed in the late 1200s EoL by the blood witch scholar Caton Youngblood. Since then only minor refinments have been made.
  • Complex Function (Level 0) - An undead with complex function can act independently to some extend. They have original thoughts and can communicate with other sentient beings. While they still hunger for blood and flesh, they are able to control themselves to some extent.
  • Basic Function (Level 1) - An undead with some basic cognitive function. They usually can comprehend basic phrases from sentient beings, and crave flesh and blood more than usual.
  • No Function (Level 2) - An undead with no cognitive function at all. These undead only act on the instict to consume blood and flesh and cannot comprehend any form of sentience. This is usually the final stage and in all cases, the undead must be put down once they reach this stage. They also tend to groan and moan, especially when the knowledge of food is around.

Perception & Sensory Abilities

An undead's senses is influenced by the state of their inner organs. An undead without eyes is blind and cannot use that sense at all. The exception to this is that no undead can feel pain and the sense of touch is dulled for all of them. Sound and bright lights easily draw the attention of an undead.   Most undead have an additional innate sense that allows them to smell the flesh of the living, as well as hear any forms of blood pumping through veins, in the vicinity. Level 2 undead follow this sense by instinct, while lower level undead can usually resist its temptation. The hunger for flesh and blood increases as they starve.   Overtime, the undead lose access to their senses and their motor functions. When an undead goes into a dormant state that seems like they're a rotten corpse, it is hard to tell if they're dead or alive. In some cases, tapping one of their limbs with a long stick to see if they physically react will either result in the undead being to move in search of whatever startled them or they'll remain unanimated, confirming they're dead.

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