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The Fates

In the beginning, around 15 billion years ago, there was only the void, an endless sea of darkness. Then with a flash of light through the darkness, ten ancient, yet powerful beings awoke, shaking off their slumber to see the void spread out before them. These ten beings were known as the Fates, who are the original celestials in the universe. They are the reason any life was created in the first place. With each of their names tying in with each of their abilities, the Fates sought to bring meaning to the endless void and used their power to form two sources of energy from their souls, Noella, the Sun and Bavara, the Moon.  

Dark Priest: "Almost everyone knows the story of Noella and Bavara, but does anyone remember the story of the Fates and how the universe was created? Or perhaps I should regail you with tale of Vavheia the Dark?"

  A soft chuckle rose from a Dark Priest while he stood before a class of fledgling vampires.  

Dark Priest: "Well, today is not the day we talk about our beloved Vavheia. Instead, let's focus on the Fates and how our world came to be. Turn to page 394 of the Book of Fates."


The Book of Fates

The Book of the Fates: "Dear readers, before the vast universe came to be, the Fates were mere entities sleeping in the void. When they awoke, it was with the desire to create something from the void, which is how our beloved celestials, Noella, Bavara, and Vavheia came to be. This text is to express the Fates' desires for our universe. Only with their guidence shall we be able to thrive."

  The author of the book, Manauia, the Oracle Keeper, only wrote the opening page with the intention to keep people invested in the Fates; writing too much about her version of the Fates would render the book as sacrilegious. She had zero motive to claim the history of the Fates as her own. This also ensure that her work would remain around forever.   The book is full of detailed information regarding the Fates and what they do for the universe around them, such as keeping peace and removing any dangerous entities that dare to corrupt reality. Many of these chapters contain viable stories that only the Dark Priests would know of as the original text remains hidden away in a church somewhere in the Minuianto Imperiuo.  
  • An early chapter in the book contains passages about the Fates' provinces and suggested domains in one wishes to gain favor with a Fate of their choosing. However, said Fate does not have to even glance their way. The Fates are not miracle workers, nor are they obliged to one's demands.
  • In a later chapter dedicated to artworks of the Fates, there appears to be a collection of holy symbols for each of the Fates as well as what their phyiscal forms may present themselves to be.

Ancient Ones

The Fates continuously watch over everything through the eyes of the other celestials. This may be seen as "spying" and not having faith in their celestial children, yet the Fates are responsible for all. They are the ancient ones, the first beings to see our universe begin. The story of the "Big Bang" is where the Fates begin and the universe starts to weave itself together.   While piecing the universe together, they created many gods and goddesses over billions of years until their collection of children and grandchildren began to play with the idea of power and ignored the rules of corruption. In other words, some of these children grew entitled and believed they deserved as much as the Fates got.   The Fates saw the errors of their ways with letting their children and grandchildren do as they pleased. With a new focus, the Fates placed curses upon Baohr, the Regulator and Rhojun, the Chaotic that would force them into punishing any celestial or mortal being who decided to upset the balance. This dubbed the Fates the judge, jury, and executioners of Soartoan.   In many tales, the Fates became known as Eldritch beings and those who believe in such beings often claim that the Fates will bring the destruction of the universe upon all.  

Calamity or Rebirth

It is said that obtaining a single Fate's wrath can put anyone in mortal danger. Whole cites have been recorded to have fallen because these curses. At various points in time, a Fate has stepped in to either stop or start a cataclysmic event. These events had the potential to put people in danger, yet the Fates think that some casualties are better than an entire world. Throughout history, there have been many events, commonly known as Yveni:  
  • Scityrn, Fate of War
    An infernal being with claws like daggers started to appear in 2 billion SE around ancient ruins dedicated to Vavheia, the Dark. This creature was likened to that of a monster and only Scityrn stepped in to vanquish the creature. This was around Scityrn got himself a scar on his shoulder that festers when he's near any infernal beast.
  • Caea, Fate of Life and Ruualn, Fate of Death
    Occurrences of time reported to reverse in 525 bilion of the ME were monitored by Caea and Ruualn until they spotted the first witch cast a powerful spell that only celestial beings should have access to. This spell allowed the user to reverse time long enough to bring people back from the dead. It was quickly forbidden and a curse placed upon it by Ruualn so that nobody dared to overrule his authority over death.
  • Vulyeva, Fate of Shadows
    Vulyeva constantly used her shadows to spy on unsuspecting people she deemed "gossip worthy." Throughout time, strange raven shadows had been seen near important people of power, whether spiritually or through rank. Ever since the TDRE, these raven shadows were depicted to carry messages with them, such as the ancient nursery rhyme, One for Sorrow, and were often used to create prophecies that the Fates were trying to communicate to the mortals.
  • Lao, Fate of Loyalty
    Lao often traveled among mortals in search of loyalty between communities. One such occasion brought him to an empire on the brink of collapse in the early EoL. The people were at each other's throats, something Lao detested. He summoned an ethereal figure with huge glowing eyes to challenge these people and push them into working together and remaining loyal or else the beast would return to reek havoc upon their homeland.
  • Kraerrilath, Fate of Pestilence
    Infernals began to appear as monstrous figures with huge black eyes around the sacred Statue of Darkness in the late 1490s EoL. These beasts were written as hostile and deadly to the point not even the vampires would go near them. Plants and animals came down with a vile disease that threatened to plague the land, forcing many civilizations to retreat from the surrounding area. Then, it vanished without a trace, as did the beasts and the sickness. The Dark Priests believe it the work of Kraerrilath, who is known for sickness and disease.
  • Tryoh, Fate of Magick
    The Fate of Magick is said to have created a system of glyphs that give off unique abilities. Nobody knows how the markings are created but they can never be reproduced; they only appear in random locations said to give off ample amounts of magickal power. Tryoh is said to grant sanctuary to witches and blood witches in these locations.

The Book of the Fates: "Awoken from their deep slumber, the ten Fates traveled the empty void in search of another being - one they had never seen before. As they traversed the endless ocean of black, the Fates grew lonely, desolate even, and sought to bring light where there was but emptiness."

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Prime Celestial
Dein Religion
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The Creation: Fates, Goddesses, & Lesser Celestials
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The Seven Trials of the Fates

Unimaginable Power

For those who believe inthe Fates, they are feared. The power that they wield can either be used for good or bad, but never neutral. With their power connected to their emotions, a Fate can shatter a world with a blink of their eye or they can forge new stars around them. Not even their children or grandchildren are brave enough to face even the weakest Fate.   Capturing a Fate would give the user unlimited magick and even the possibility over life and death if more than one is captured. But be warned. Even if a Fate is taken captive, Baohr and Rhojun would know of it immediately. The Fates believe in justice and stability, likening it to the reason the universe remains alive to this very day.  

Memory Theives

When granted the right to speak to a Fate know that you're not going to remember it. The Fates see their role in the universe as a mystery and no mortal should ever be privy to what goes on behind the closed doors of the Fates' realm.   The Fates will quickly wipe one's memory of them when they are done talking to the mortal. They'll even do this to their fellow celestials, but never to each other. The Fates work as one. They are equal and must be protected.   Frustrating as it must be, the Fates view the stolen memories as a way to keep the Fates safe. There are dangerous, evil entities out there that may seek to control the Fates and warp reality into whatever they want. This is the only way the Fates know to keep themselves and the mortal safe.   However, if a Fate has taken up a Champion, they'll still wipe the memory of the person, but make sure to keep a "residue" of marking the person as their Champion. There is also a clause within the residue that forbids the person to even mention that they are a Chamption of a Fate, let alone which Fate marked them.

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Name Alignment Province Pronouns Common Symbol
Aleass, Fate of Agony TN Agony, Pain, Angst She/Her Drop Spindle
Caea, Fate of Life TN Life, Nature, Beauty Ze/Zem/Zeir/Zey All-seeing blue eye
Kraerrilath, Fate of Pestilence CN Disease, Epidemic, Plague She/Her Urn pouring water
Lao, Fate of Loyalty LN Loyalty, Faith, Honor, Oath Ze/Zem/Zeir/Zey Two arrows through a heart
Ruualn, Fate of Death TN Death, He/Him Serene face
Scityrn, Fate of War TN War, Strife, Blood He/Him Double spears intertwining
Thyzai, Fate of Auras and Bonds LG Auras, Bonds, Romance She/Her Rope weaved with colors of the rainbow
Tryoh, Fate of Magick TN Magick He/Him / They/Them Eight-pointed star
Vulyeva, Fate of Shadows CN Shadows She/Her Raven/Spider
Xidlo, Fate of Desire CG Desire He/Him Twin snakes chasing each other

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