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The Bleeding Rose

The Bleeding Rose is known to be a secret tavern within a secret city hidden underneath the city of Vol'nische that only a select few even know of its whereabouts. It is said to be only tavern located within the center of Serenity, and can easily be distinguished by the mahogany sign with red rose dripping blood carved into it. The main function of the building is a bar, but the Bleeding Rose does have an upstairs area that contains private sleeping quarters and a resting lounge for the staff when they are on break.   It is owned by Uncle Freddy, who bought a rustic building that used to be a Church of Darkness. With the help of his patron, Zion Reose, Freddy was able to repurpose the building into a tavern. He tends to wear a gold necklace with holy symbol to Xidlo, the Fate of Desire. He tends to have a club either strapped to his back when wandering from table to table to check on customers, or it is located under the bar when he's helping with drinks or counting the books.  

Zion Reose: "Why don't you open up a tavern? You seem pretty happy helping others. Plus, I wouldn't mind a drink or two from an ol' bud."


Uncle Freddy: "Seriously? Where do ya think I can scrounge up some crowns? Even if this is supposed to be paradise away from the war, it still costs ya an' arm an' a leg. I don't have-"


Zion Reose: "Don't worry 'bout it. I'll fund you."

  Most customers come to the Bleeding Rose to look for a way to avoid the war or they work directly for the Gears Rebellion, a group of rebels seeking to overthrow their government to end the tirade the war brings to the empire's citizen. When they arrive, the customer takes a seat somewhere around the main part of the tavern. A waitress will come over and ask what the customers want, sometimes even mentioning the types of meats and hardy ales. However, there are various types of blood-related drinks for the vampiric customers. But understand that the Bleeding Rose follows the theme of the decor. Anything and everything that would accompany a barbarian is served, from drinks to food, and even the style of dress for the staff.  


by Zero Take (Unsplash)
When one happens across the Bleeding Rose, they are greeted by a massive dragon skull with its jaw opened wide to guide the customers to the "belly of the beast," where the tavern sits nestled in the ribcage area of the once alive dragon. The ribcage and the teeth of the dragon skull have an array of climbing red roses creeping up them to accentuate the name of the tavern. The exterior of the travern is made of bricks with a charcoal coloration. Decorative railings surround the exterior with ramps that are wheelchair accessible. The interior is dim and obscure with mahogany and dark oak wood decor and furnishings, featuring a full wall of various spices and rare unique flavor items.   Being located in Serenity and directly in the middle of the hidden city, has its downfalls due to the types of customers the BR brings in. There are certain customers that take priority over others, especially when connected to the rebellion, which draws tremendous amounts of traffic to the tavern in the evenings. Keeping up appearances is also a downfall. The roses that cover the bones must be kept healthy and vibrant while the bones are bleached and polished once or twice a week. If the upkeep of the tavern starts to diminish, people begin to look for other venues, even if they prefer the company and entertainment the BR serves.  


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Bar: The bar is where everyone mostly wants to be. It contains ten tables with two round tables in the corners of the room that have circular booths. At the bar counter, there are over two dozen seats, each having a warn and comfortable feel to them.   Kitchen: The kitchen, is well...a kitchen. It appears fresh refurbished, but if you look closely, you'll see the tiny chips and cracks in the red and black checkered floor.   Break Lounge: For when the staff are on break. This area looks about as fancy as fancy can get. Gold trim around the edges with couches and a dark oak coffee table with a glossy finish.   Bedrooms: There are ten bedrooms total (luckily there's an inn across the street). The common bedrooms contain a single bed and a chest for storage. There is even a chair, a small table, and a water basin to wash up in. The small bedrooms have two single beds and two chests for storage. A couple of chairs, a table, and a water basin to wash up in. With the large bedrooms, there is either a king-sized bed or two queen-sized beds with a dresser and a private bathroom that comes with a complete shower.   Upstairs Bathroom: The upstairs bathroom accommodates for those needing to shower after a hard days work in the mine or coming back covered in blood from a grisly mission.   Downstairs Bathroom: The downstairs bathroom is for guest use only. You buy a drink, you can use it, but before you leave the establishmen, please finish your drink. Wasted product (such as a full drink) is frowned upon here!   Secret Room: Only those of the Gears Rebellion know where this location is. For those who have gained knowledge about it even existed are forced to swear upon the sun and moon goddesses.

Table of Contents

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Quick Facts
Founding Date:
2013 EoL
Hours of Operation:
14:00 PM - 1:00 AM
Open 20/5 for Gears Rebellion members
Due to the 20-hour days with only five days a week, the tavern has to be limited on how long the bar can be open without causing burnout among its staff, much to the dismay of the customers. That is roughly a 7-hour workday.
Parent Location:
Connected Rooms:
Gears Rebellion Headquarters

Legal Consumption

Very few species are able to find it legal to drink while in the Itude Empire. The vampires, blood witches, and humans are eligable to drink, whereas all other species are forbidden unless they are with a noble who allows them to drink. Exotic Pets are strictly forbidden to drink.   However, within the Bleeding Rose, those rules are lax, save for certain species, like werewolves. The war has taken a toll on all the people in the empire to the point that most see wolves as the instigators of the war by assassinating Empress Sin-Yeona Cheonsa.   The legal age for consuming alcohol also varies. Vampires can start drinking at the age of 480-years-old, while blood witches can drink beginning at the age of 240-years-old. Humans are the only ones who can drink at the age of sixteen.

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Uncle Freddy: "Tired of the war? Looking to drink away yar troubles while also plotting espionage? Then look no further! The Bleeding Rose is what ya seek! C'mon down for a drink. But mind yar head as one slip up, one mention of the Bleeding Rose topside, and ya'll have a bounty on yar head."

What are you looking for on the menu?

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Sincere Issac
Job: Bartender
Feature: survived a large injury to their shoulder during the war, they were written off as disabled and left to rot in the streets
Motive: Ruining someone's life
Weapon: Battleaxe
Evelynn Kaliyah
Job: Security
Feature: Faded burn scars on their hand
Motive: Righting a big wrong
Weapon: Greatsword
Wilson Price
Job: House Staff
Feature: survived a large injury to their knee
Motive: Is homeless and has two sons with him
Zainab Macie
Job: Chef
Feature: A lot of shiny jewelry
Motive: Rescue a loved one from a captor
Weapon: Flail
Trinity Vivian
Job: Stablehand
Feature: Missing left eye
Motive: Prevent something from happening
Weapon: Heavy crossbow


by Amelia Nite (Hero Forge)

Zion Reose
Character | May 12, 2022
Kiara Fern & Audrey Vespera
Kiara is the bass guitarist for Society Rejects as well as a background vocalist, while Audrey can play the drums at any time of day. These girls don't get to play as often with Zion since he faked his demise in 2015 EoL and with Zion's role as the leader of the rebellion taking full control over his life, he spends most of his days avoid the tavern, leading Kiara and Audrey to play with Freddy.

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