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Bound Series
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Jared McKinney

As a typical soft-hearted fellow, Jared McKinney worked hard raise his son, Oliver McKinney, and take care of his mate, Lisa McKinney. He is the grandson of Syus Nightingale and Ulrick Ravenswood, to famous people who helped get the paranormals from Eskǎvaëís to Earth. While he contains his nobility status, it is something he doesn't need as his mate and their son are more important to him than anything else. Nothing would stop him from protecting them, even if that meant running away from his parents, siblings, and grandparents.  
His dad pointed his fork at him.  

Jared McKinney: "Ollie, did you really sneak into the gas station to steal a few soda cans?"


Oliver McKinney: "What can I say? I was thirsty. It was hot. I just made due."

  Oliver said with a shrug.  

Lisa McKinney: "You truly can be a pain in someone's rear."

  His mother scolded him.  

Oliver McKinney: "Well, the clerk did tackle me. All he got was a chomp on his ass to let me go."


Lisa McKinney: "And what did that cost you?"


Oliver McKinney: "Got myself a soda, didn't I?"

  Oliver retorted.
— Family dinner conversation the night of the murder


Jared was always been kind and caring, thinking of others when things got tough. His loyalty knew no faults and he made sure to risk his life whenever his family was put in danger. After Lisa became pregnant, Jared decided that taking care of his son was more important than living a life of luxury and he took off with Lisa to raise their son in private. Even though Jared was very protective of his family and those he cared about, he did not fight. The sight of blood made him nauseous and caused him to pull away from dangerous situations.  


When Ysabelle McKinney confirmed she was pregnant, which was a surprise pregnancy, there was cause for concern as Ysabelle was born sick and carried that through her entire life. Her pregnancy contained many scared, including one where she was put on bedrest for nearly the entire duration of her pregnancy.   Then, on April 3rd, 1985 AD, Jared was born. He had an older brother named Reyes McKinney. Most of his childhood was surrounded by his overprotective parents who saw him a miracle. They also pushed him to remain isolated because they feared his death.   By the time he turned 17 years old, around the year 2003 AD, he was so sick of tired of not having many friends outside the palace walls, Jared came up with a plan to attend the Christmas party held at the home of the Senator of the Vampires and Representative of Werewolves. On the eve of the party, he snuck out and trailed after his parents; he even packed himself a nice tuxedo. While at the party, he struggled to remain out of the sight of his parents. There, he locked eyes with Lisa and his entire world changed. He had finally found his mate!   Due to Lisa's heritage and her species type, Jared decided to have an adventure with her and they ran away to elope. For two years, they remained in hiding, hopping from place to place until the birth of their son, Oliver on September 23rd, 2005 AD. Oliver quickly revealed just how special he was when he shifted into his wolf form and when his eyes flashed like flames on the edge of the iris with a black slit and circle pupil mixed. He could also pop wolf ears onto the top of his head and a wolf tail out of his tailbone. Once more, the family realized they needed to go on the run.

Mental characteristics

Table of Contents

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Quick Facts
True Neutral
Birth Date:
April 3rd
April 3rd, 1985 -
May 18th, 2019 AD
34 Years Old
Home Town:
Cis Male
Skin Tone:
Olive with light freckles
5'9" (175.26 cm)
Other Notes
Davon McKinney (father)
Ysabelle McKinney (mother)
Reyes McKinney (older brother)
Lisa McKinney
Affiliated Organization, Primary:
Whitstone Kingdom (formerly)
Affiliated Organizations, Secondary:
by Dlee (Pixabay)
Raising Oliver was a nightmare. The child didn't mind putting himself in danger, from chewing on wires when he was teething and deciding to drink random poisons, like bleach, he would find around the house. Thankfully, Oliver never had to be rushed to the hospital as he is immune to poison. Oliver once again decided to give Jared a heart attack when they went to a zoo and were looking at the insects. Sneaking away to play with the deadly insects. A zoo employee caught sight of Oliver and quickly got him out of the cage, but Jared was already in a panic attack seeing his son holding an Australian Sydney Funnel-Web spider with his bare hands and zero fear. Given that an Australian Sydney Funnel-Web spider is one of the deadliest creatures in the world, Jared could only imagine what the spider's venom would do to Oliver.   After their son got checked out and was cleared to go home as he wasn't bitten, Oliver surprised his parents by having snuck home a baby funnel-web. Oliver refused to let her go and threw a fit that she was family now. He had already named her too! Her name was Funnel.   Moving around a lot was stressful for the family as their son didn't have time to make true friends. He was reclusive and only trusted his pet spider. At point, during October of 2018 AD, Oliver was caught by some school bullies and pushed Funnel into biting the bully. Unfortunately, Jared and Lisa were forced to make a rash decision to run when the bitten bully died from the bite wounds.   When they go to Los Angelos, California around November of 2018 AD, they searched the surrounding woods until they came across a rundown cabin that would be perfect for a private location. They stayed there for a good while until May 18th, 2019 AD rolled around.   It was nighttime and the family was eating dinner when they heard a knock at the door. Lisa and Jared made Oliver hide in his room while they tested to see if the person at the door was a threat. Jared made the call to open the door, where he ran face-to-face with Ignatius Williams, who stabbed his hand through Jared's stomach. He collapsed to the floor, his head rolling to the side, and looked toward his son's bedroom. Oliver rushed out of the room to spot his father's dying gaze locked on him.

Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)


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