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Dr. Warrick

Dr. Warrick was born William Warrick, the heir of the Vicious Claw Pride. His current title is the "Chieftain of Skulls, king of the pride." He is a pantheras with the goal to breed as many kits as he can for his pride. He is also of Japanese decent from his birth giver's side.   While he worked as a high school teacher at Mountain View Institute, he was not a typical teacher. Believing that if he didn't follow his father's orders, Dr. Warrick assumed that having kits is the only way he can return to the tribe. Now, his only crime is falling in love with one of his "breeding" partners, and that nearly got him placed in Guardian prison.  


Warrick is a kind, gentle soul and doesn't lose his temper easily. He can be the moral compass when others need him to be. He also doesn't take crap from troublemakers and makes sure to put them in line before things get out of hand.  
The trauma of being peer pressured by his tribe into losing his virginity at a young age has left him a frightened rabbit when being ordered around by another authoritative figure, such as Alpha Rokomo Williams. Even the weight of preserving his species rests on his shoulders and makes him feel like he's a failure in regards of birthing kits.  


by Amelia Nite (Hero Forge)
Warrick was born to Ogima Warrick, the former Chieftain of Skulls, yet he never new his birth giver. His father was never a good man. In fact, he ruled the Vicious Claw Pride with an iron fist and pressured Warrick to start attempting to produce kits as soon as he reached maturity. This lead to Warrick losing his virginity at the age of forty-five and a half (thirteen-years-old in appearance). Because of his brutal life, Warrick knew only of mating and leading his tribe. He knew nothing of love or respect.   In secret, Warrick started studying to become a teacher as he felt better when he was teaching someone. He enjoyed the idea of showing off his skills and even tricked his father into thinking he was taking a mission to find the most suitable birth-giver for his first litter of kits.   Around this time, he managed to land a teaching job at Mountain View Institute, where he spent the next seventeen and a half years teaching Native American History to the students. He ended up mating with a lot of young men, but none of them bore him kits. By the time January of 2017 AD rolled around, Warrick had Riley Norma in his class.  
Dr William Warrick-portrait.png
by Amelia Nite (Hero Forge)
Naturally, Warrick was drawn to Riley's mature and fiery attitude. After many months of tutoring him, Warrick discovered that Riley had a magickal gift of chaos magick. This was around the time that Warrick began to have feelings toward Riley. Thanks to the Shadows Pact, Warrick knew of a loophole regarding sixteen-years-old and the mate bond. This was when Warrick planned to confess his feelings on Riley's sixteenth birthday in the year 2018 AD, which was just around the corner. On Riley's sixteenth birthday, he told his student just how much he cared about him and how he knew it was wrong to grow feelings for him, but he couldn't control himself. He said that he would understand if Riley didn't want to be with him. The truth surprised him though. Riley expressed his feelings right back, beginning the start of new relationship.  
by Pixabay (Pexels)
When spring rolled around, Warrick found that Riley was producing mature pheromones, which led to Warrick forcing the urge to breed his lover deep down inside of him. Riley was easily attracted to him and quickly deduced that Warrick's feelings ran deeper than he was letting on. Soon, Riley convinced him to sleeping together. That summer, Warrick found a way for Riley to stay at the private school to take "summer school" for "failing" his class. The truth behind this was that Riley was already expecting Warrick's first litter.
by Amelia Nite (Hero Forge)
  By the end of summer, Riley had given birth to two pantheras kits. Shortly after, Riley's older sister, Arya Norma, showed up and liberated her brother. Warrick was arrested for "sexually assualting an underage human," but has since disappeared.   He is currently MIA from all Accord of Oblivion radars, and is helping to take care of Oliver McKinney, whom he took off the streets after finding him hiding underneath a bridge without a family.

Mental characteristics

Table of Contents

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Quick Facts
True Neutral
Pantheras (bengal tiger)
Tribe Rank:
Chieftain of Skulls, king of the pride
Birth Date:
November 3
Birth Year:
1938 AD 81 Years Old
Cis Male
Hair Color:
Short, fluffy; Green
Skin Tone:
East Asian; pale
6'2" (186.96 cm)
175 lbs (79.4 kg)
Other Notes
Ogima Warrick (father)
Unknown birth giver (birth giver)
Riley Norma
Renume Warrick
Xazuh Warrick
Affiliated Organization, Primary:
Affiliated Organization, Secondary:
The Tribe of Central Sanctuary

Dr. Warrick Scars & Tribal Marks

by Amelia Nite (Hero Forge)
by Amelia Nite (Hero Forge)
by Amelia Nite (Hero Forge)
by Amelia Nite (Hero Forge)

Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)


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