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Bound Series
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Asher Blood

Asher is the son of Rogue Alpha Zeta Blood, who runs the Frenzy Pack. His family dynamic has put him in more trouble than it's worth. He may not seem like the type, but Asher wants out of the rogue life. However, this puts him at a disadvantage against his father, who currently holds all control over his children and pack members. There's also the other packs who would never take him in because of his rogue status.  
Rounding a few more trees, Oliver felt his body collide with a sturdy chest. He stepped back, grumbling about the person in front of him being an idiot. His eyes widened as he spotted a familiar face with vibrant red hair and pale green eyes. The person smirked down at him and a giant grin began to spread across Oliver's face.   "Oliver?" he asked.   The man standing there was his childhood best friend - other than Funnel - as well as Oliver's first crush when he was eight, Asher Blood. He never acted upon it because he wanted to wait for the mate bond to appear and the second he could feel his connection to Deidrick, all thoughts relating to crushing on Asher disappeared. They had to keep their friendship private as well because Asher's family wasn't the greatest. In fact, Oliver remembered Asher begging him to keep everything between them as private as possible.   "Ashie!" he screeched, jumping straight into the redhead's arms. Throwing his arms around Asher's neck, he felt the redhead pull him in tight, nuzzling into the side of Oliver's head.   "Ollie," he whispered.
— His Mate, Shadows Series Book 1 Scene



Asher is a kind and caring wolf, who constantly puts others before him. A lot of the time, he shows off how much cares about others by putting himself in harm's way to keep his father from hurting someone. Although, if you threaten one of his friends, he'll stop at nothing to protect them. He has a loathing for violence and often tries to talk his way out of problems.   When it comes to his negative traits, Asher can easily push someone's buttons with how caring he can be. Most of the time, people blame him as looking at them with pity when he just wants to make sure others are safe. He also shows off his pride and ego when others are daring to start a fight, which usually causes the situation to escalate. However, when he's with his best friend, Asher has a sense of clarity and knows that his friend is an explosion waiting to happen. By defusing the situation, most view Asher's protective side as a blessing.  


Having grown up in a home packed with rogues, Asher's life is horrible. He doesn't have much in the way of freedom. When he's allowed out of his father's sight, he always has someone watching over him, and that is usually Specter, a fellow rogues from his pack. His father is abusive to anyone who attempts to stand up to him, which is part of the reason that Asher is covered in so many scars. Most outside the pack would assume the scars from fighting different packs due to the typical nature of a rogue.   On Asher's back are three long scars on either side of his spine to symbolize that his father is selling him off as a "bride" to Rogue Alpha Ignatius Williams' son, Mavon Williams. These scars were inflicted with gloves containing silver-tipped claws.   Asher has also been the target of being locked in a wardrobe and made forced to listen as his mother was raped his father. This alone has left enough mental scaring on his mind that he is afraid to trust having a mate in the future.  


When Asher was born, he was the second-born of five out of the Rogue Alpha's children. During his childhood, he was banned from playing with his siblings and always used as a punching bag for his father and older brother. The only source of happiness he had was with his mom. She was the highlight of his day and even though his father tortured her as well, she was kind and always looking to make Asher smile.   He met Oliver McKinney when they were pretty young and vowed to keep their friendship a secret as he didn't want his only friend to be taken away from him. So, Asher kept lying to his father about where he'd go and even started making up excuses to have a cell phone when out and about. One year after Oliver moved away, Asher and Oliver were able to reconnect via cell phones and the internet.   For years, they were able to communicate without any interference. And then Oliver went silent. As of the current date, Asher has yet to hear from him in over three months...

Table of Contents

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Ash / Ashie / Rogue
Quick Facts
Chaotic Neutral
Pack Rank:
Birth Date:
July 16
Birth Year:
2001 AD 18 Years Old
Pale Green
Hair Color:
Short, shaggy; Red
Skin Tone:
6'4" (193 cm)
by Amelia Nite (Hero Forge)

Inner Wolf

by Margot-Noyelle
Asher's inner wolf is one of the reason he is able to handle any form of torment from his father. While his inner wolf is quite shy and timid, they have a brutal way of showing they are a member of the pack. When angered, they will rip out anyone's throat and even leave the dead corpse lying on the doorstep of some poor, unsuspecting member of the Frenzy Pack. This is the only time his father praises him, even if it is with a good kick to the ribs.

Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)


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