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lucis thrax

imperious lucis thrax (a.k.a. lucero)

lucis is the twin brother of gabriaus thrax. after being injured during the war against the inarki empire he traval to the world of tikar and he was made imperious and leader of the tik'van and the tik'van gave him the name imperious lucero meaning 'fallen one'

Mental characteristics

Personal history

early life-Born 3305YAF lucis was the twin brother of gabriaus thrax and both were the son of mallus thrax the emperor of the trias. the two boys were close but there father never showed them any love. luics was the worst effected by this. if the boys played tricks there father would personally beat them. at the age of 10 they both began there military training. lucis became an expert swords men at a young age. he however was bookish learning about ancient civilizations and ancient powers. his father didn't approve of this and on countless actions struck the teenage lucis. on one accusation gabriaus stood in front of his twin while there father was beating him. luics at the age of 16 became a skilled pilot and designed several fighter all of which were declined by there father. at the age of 18 he and his brother were given positions in the army and government. lucis lead several small campaigns in the north. at a young age he took the white colors on his uniform. but like his brothers these were not uniforms of the army or navy these were made by themselves. lucis had a small shield generator on it and the fibers were woven with the wires of the shield generator. the two brothers grew up with a young girl called merria. they both loved her but lucis was the more shy of the two. and he didn't play his card when he should have and he found out that his brother had asked her to marry him.   commander of the trias force-3325YAF lucis and his brother lead the forces of the trias against the the inarki empire and the the human remant empire. lucis being the more head strong commander lead from the front in many battles. on the remnant planet of telaros 4 his lead a charge which over whelmed the garrison of a fortress.after the 1 year of war. lucis began to argue with his brother method of warfare. lucis wanted to strike hard and fast while his twin wanted to consolidate there gains and have a power base within there foes territory. lucis almost lost his life over the plant of tenkor when a tenkori defense ships rammed his tyrant class ship the fallen angel. it rammed just bellow the bridge and only when another ship in lucis fleet attacked the tenkori ship was lucis safe. lucis lead several successful campaigns within both empire and won many great duel. one was against a member of the guardians. lucis drove his sword into the guardians chest and then using the communicator in the guardians helmet ordered the human forces to remnant forces to surrender. the tow brothers were united on the planet of sendorra in the inarki empire where there joint ground forces had overwhelmed a really stations which the twins had made there head quarters. during the battle on sandorra lucis was attacked and a antimatter grenade destroyed the right side of his body. he lost his right arm. his side was left exploded and his right leg was shattered. the worst damage however was to his face. his once handsome face was covered in bur scars and part of his skull was left exposed. the field medics accompanied by his twin work tirelessly under fire to save the prince. they had to fuss the broken bone toghter forceful in order to save.   imperious- when lucis woke he was in a medical stations over batha 3. he found that his right arm was a cybernetic implant. he looked down to see that part of his body was covered in wires and metal. however what shocked him was when he looked in a minor to find that his right side of his face was know covered by a thin sheet of metal which had been fused to his skin. a eye hole which gave him improved vision was the only part which was different to the smooth chrome steel over his right side of his face. he voice had changed so much damage had been down to his voice box that cybernetics had to be put in so he could speak. the first person to visit him was his brother who arrived a day after he awoke. the two embraced. the next to come was merria who wrapped her around him. he wished his father to come and see him but as the days turned to week lucis grew sour and decided he would not follow his father any longer. he found his uniform. the right side had been remade by the burn marks were still there. he took a fighter and left. he traveled to into deep space. into regions of space unexplored by the trias of the other empire. the world he finally landed on when his ships censors picked up an unusual power source was unknown to him. however when he landed the native began to worship him chanting imperious. he was lead by one of there shaman who spoke to him through telepathy and told him he had the power to become there leader. he told lucis of the story of imperious and his successors. when lucis asked what race the shame was he answered 'we are tik'van'. then he released that he had an army know all he needed was a ship.
lucis- if i become your leader what will you do.   tik'van shaman- we will follow you were ever you go. we are the servants of the one we call imperious.   lucis-then i shall be your leader
then the shaman and his follow gathered great books and placed him on a stone table and then after a ritual lucis had the power of magic. he could bend the tik'van to his will. he could control beast and he could manipulate time. he was heralded imperious by the tik'van but they also chanted a second name and name he came to take. lucero was the name and it meant in the tik'van laughing fallen one. he read the book on imperious and it was said he fell from the stars in a fall of fire. he went looking for the crash sight and found that it was an ancient warship of kinds and he set his army to rebuild it. withing a week the ship was able to fly and he began to go home with one thing on his mind. killing his father.   the 2nd trias civil war and the era of imperious lucero- lucero attacked the trias boarder world of inaxa and destroyed the garrison in a 3 day campaign by simply over running the world with his tiv'van warriors. he then took the stores of equipment and what ships there where and using his new power implanted the knowledge of how to use this equipment. the fleet passed through the batha system. the iper forces were destoyed and were forced to defend there home world while lucero gathered his support. soon more and more ships flocked to his side. men were drawn to his power and soon he came to trias. his fleet was faced with a mach larger fleet commanded by his brother. but he was able to draw the ships away and lands his army on the planet along with himself. he lead the charge on the thrax palace and attacked the garrison. the garrison was commanded by his brother.  
lucero- there need be no war between us brother   gabriaus thrax- you would destroy everything we built.   lucero- i would kill the man who miss used us and treated us like dirt.   gabriaus- you are blinded by power, are you even my brother.   lucero- FOOL!!! you are blinded by loyalty. power is what wins wars. he is the one who has power. that power could be ours. kneel to me we will rule the galaxy.   Gabriuas- then you are truly lost   lucero- will you stand between me and vengeance   Gabriuas- killing him will not bring you peace brother   Lurcero- i take that as a yes.
  a short duel between the two ensued and lucero struck his brother down. and then he released what he had done.he cradled his brothers dead boy in his armys and wept. then his father walked in alluding him. he then told lucero that the plan was always to have one kill the other. he then dragged merria into the room where lucero was holding his brother and she broke down. lucero was so twisted by grief and anger and watched as his father soldier killed his tik'van guards. enraged he picked up his sword and lay his brother down. two trias soldier fired at him and he used his time manipulation powers to put the energy beams back in there guns and then killed the two soldiers. he then came face to face wit h his father and thrust his sword in his chest while saying 'you no long hold sway over men old man'. and he killed his father. he turned to see the trias soldier in terror as the rest of the tik'van held them at spear point. he then declared that he was emperor and walked into the throne room and sat down. and his regin began. his rule would be won of northern expansion adding tikar into the empire and he moved the capital from trias to tikar.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
prince of the house of thrax   imperious   lucero 'fallen one'
faded blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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