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a race of humanoids from the world of Batha 3. they are one of the few alien races in The trias

Basic Information


Ipers are humoniods. they stand up strait but are all thin and handsome with finally cut features. there hair the black and they have a pair of protruding fangs which they use to extract blood

Dietary Needs and Habits

Ipers needed to drink a blood in order to survive however they cannot drink there own species blood

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Ipers home world was batha 3 but they expanded to three other systems and dominate them as the dominate advance species

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

ipers have the ability to change there vision from the regular spectrum to infrared making them excellent night hunters and fighters.

Civilization and Culture


ipers home world was Batha 3. the world was a kin to terra. the early iper race were ruled by kings. when the first ships left batha with colonist the expanded there reach. however 54YAF they came into contract with the humans with of the trias. after a war there king submitted and bowed to the humans but asked to keep there throne if they served them. the trias rulers agreed and the ipers became the first alien race to be accepted into the trias.
batha 3
Average Height
6 foot

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