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cazar ulu

admiral Cazar Ulu

born 177YAC on trias. his father was an admiral in the thrax navy during the civil war. he was a leading soldier in the imarion expansion.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

as a young man he was slim and not physicality scary. he grew up to be a slender man but was strong.

Identifying Characteristics

his dyed blue hair was his most significant feature.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

early life-born into a minor noble family on trias. cazar father fought during the civil war. cazar enter the naval academy on trias at the 10 of ten as an ensign. when he was 11 the ship he was on the heart render was attacked by pirates in the higher of loyalists cazar against the orders of his commanders locked the blast doors. it was discovered that if he hadn't the massive boarding party would have over whelmed the crew. he was promoted to a gunner. on his 16th birthday he was promoted to captain and his ships the starhammer was the first of the starhammer class ships. his ships was part of the northern fleet under the command of Vlad hemaraoth.      imarion expansion and high marshal of the fleet- at the age of 23 cazar was the youngest vice admiral in the history of The trias. in the imarion expansion he distinguished himself as a tactician and commander and was able to deal massive amounts of damage to the imarion mercenary soldiers. he himself attacked imria and took the system. after the war he was made high marshal of the fleet and second in the new vampire stars to the new govoner vlad. by know he was 26 and was a very powerful young man. his position commanded the naval army of the trias in the vampire stars. his ambition had grown and with his govoners permission he started experiments on new ship design. by the age of 30 he was appointed general govern of the frontier of the vampires stars.    final campaign- at the age of 32 Cazar had design an experimental cruiser with better jump engines and shields. he was given word from one of his listening stations that a small alien fleet had entered he frontier. he alerted sector command on imria. yet like his younger self the he took his flagship his own experimental light cruiser star child and 4 more of his light cruisers to intercept this alien threat. the rest of his ships his old star hammer class ship and 12 other were to far away. his light cruisers carried 5000 men each with 10 hover-tanks and walkers. the 2 fleets met each other over a world with a small trias garrison. cazar made the move to secure the world and landed his forces on the planet. he then scrambled what fighters he had. but by then it was to late on of the aline ships the size of a star hammer had destroyed one of his lights cruiser jump engines and son cazar ordered a full attack lead by himself but shortly into the battle the bridge of his ships was hit and he was killed.


Family Ties

at the age of 29 he got married to a girl called serria and when he was 30 his first child was born a boy called serrin.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
vice admiral    high marshal    govoner of the frontier of the vampire stars
blonde with blue dyed streaks
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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