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Before the world existed as it does now, people, completely different from now inhabited the lands. The lands of a world known as the Ancient Kingdom.     The Anicent Kingdom   In times of the Ancient Kingdom most of the ground was covered in sand and cities were only found near the great waters. Often people stayed in their birth city for all their life as the distance to another city was very far. Despite that each civilization found their own way to survive. With only one similarity, the use of Relics. Nobody knows how or why the Ancient Kingdom was destroyed, but the Relics left behind prove it has existed. How the Relics were used however, will probably remain a secret buried beneath a new world, Darkling.   Darkling   Similar to how nobody knows what made the Ancient Kingdom disappear, nobody knows how Darkling truly came to be. Archeologist made several theories, yet none of them had enough evidence to proof theirs as the “true” one. Because of that missing knowledge, the new world was named Darkling, describing its emergence in the dark. From that darkness also came a huge diversity of landscape, fauna and fora. Different cultures, ethnics and beliefs appeared and developed the Darkling how it is known today. A colorful world where gods are worshipped, spirits are prayed to, elementals can be summoned and individuals are able to use magic.