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Sky Elves

Basic Information


Much like humans: Two arms/legs, with five fingers/toes. Standing upright, about 1,90 meters tall, light skin, similar facial features. Pointy ears help to differentiate from humans. Their bones are lighter

Genetics and Reproduction

Sex like humans, but they need to ejaculate in the vagina and the after to get the woman pregnant (a mechanism to secure the safety of the DNA), it takes 1,5 times as long as with humans until birth. A woman is able to get children after 20 years, but the period begins already a year before. (if it doesn't happen, the woman might be infertile). The man's sperm reaches potency at the age of 20 as well

Growth Rate & Stages

Until the age of 20, considered a child, the following 120 years an adult and then, until death at the age of around 190-210 an elder. Only able to produce children as an adult, when about 140, growth and regeneration begin to stop

Ecology and Habitats

The species changed as they began living on the flying islands, so now, they are the best place for them to live (clean air, much sunlight, etc.)

Dietary Needs and Habits

can be vegetarian (easier to sustain such a living on small space in the air), they grow many vegetables and fruit but also hunt animals on the ground

Biological Cycle

Hair grows faster in the cold seasons and they gain weight more easily

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They are home to the flying islands, 99% of their race live there

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Sharp sight, more fps than humans, seeing everything a bit darker, good hearing, ears are especially sensitive to movement(air, water)

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

thin, light-skinned. muscular, but not over the top. dark brown or black hair is preferred, while eyes should be blue, green or brown

Relationship Ideals

having a fulfilling love and sex life, getting at least two children, staying together until the death of one partner, then allowed to find a new one.

Scientific Name
200 Years
Conservation Status
They fight for their existence, against the other races and the shadowborn
Average Height
1,90 meters
Average Weight
80 kg
Average Physique
thin and muscular, perfect for a life in the dangerous heights and for working on thin platforms over the abyss.

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