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Darker Days

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The world of Darker Days is near its end - the walls between its realms are falling. People long dead are wandering amongst the living again, legions of shadowborn march against the four kingdoms, trying to gain control over the lands. But the kingdoms already fight amongst themselves, only if they stand together, they might have a chance at keeping the dead in the ground.   The Elves on their floating islands over the badlands, the humans living on the big flats, the woodlanders deep in their forests and the mountaineers high up and deep down in the mountains, they all stand before the biggest challenge they ever faced.   If they unite their armies, it might be possible to face the growing evil and return victorious. Each race had its heroes, but most have fallen in the bloody wars fought between themselves, so new ones have to be forged out of the fire burning the world.   The story will follow individuals from every kingdom finding their way in these difficult times. They want the best for themselves and their people, but how they can achieve it must be discovered first. They will find together and fall apart again, becoming friends and rivals for life - which might not be that long after all...

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