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Xeddilia is the most north east province of Darka. Xeddilia is known for its lush green landscapes, exotic animals and toxic plant life. Xeddilia has the largest university on Darka and comprised of the very best mages. Xeddilia is the place to go for magical knowledge if you’re already an established mage.   Xeddilia is the most powerful Pledenian province on Darka. The Xeddilian government is made up of powerful mage circles and wealthy families slightly below on the ladder. Xeddilia is fondly referred to as the "Seat of knowledge", as it's pretty much where 60% of written content on Darka is even manufactured. Xeddilians write and read ALOT.


The land is lush, green and beautiful. It is composed of many mountains, rivers and flat land. It's also spotted with old ruins from the earlier Draconian civilisation. To the most north east areas of Xeddilia is rather barren and difficult to navigate. This makes for many, many isolated spots within the rising mountains and rough terrain.   In some areas, the geography is dynamic and ever changing. Sometimes they leak into other dimensions. Most of these places are well documented in an archive at the university of Xeddilia, those who live there don't tend to fall in. (This knowledge is publicly available). These areas are usually are and hard to reach.

Flora & Fauna

Xeddilia contains many wild plant life ranging from tiny yet poisonous little red and white flowers to large biological structures (Huge mushrooms, membranes, flowers ect) These larger plants are quite rare though, but can be found densely packed in mineral rich areas in huge underground systems.   The land itself has common animals like sheep, bears, wolves ect.. But in some areas, due to the all the excess energy residue from spells (and the transmutation of energy by complex plants) the wild animals would change, gaining physical, mental or energetic abilities. (Although giant spiders are super common)

Natural Resources

The various caves in Xeddilia are rich with ores and minerals. Lots of substances and plants for food, medicine or drugs. Large plant life and bio structures can be dissected and mixed in potions. Advanced technology hidden within the old Draconian ruins. The land is full of Mana.
Alternative Name(s)
Xedii, Xed.
Included Locations

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