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Et tu, Brute?

Knives - The weapon of choice for assassins, thieves, cowards, and housewives.

      The fighting dirk, or dagger, is distinguished from the common knife in that it is larger- with a foot of a blade, typically, sharpened on both edges, and a sharp stabbing tip. It is usually made of bronze, though iron is more common than in swords due to the lesser amount required to make one. The handle is the same size as a gladius's, about six or seven inches counting the pommel. Fighting dirks also have quillions about three-quarters of an inch long. The handle is typically wrapped in rawhide strips for a better grip, and to keep the user's hand from smelling like metal for hours after use. Most soldiers carry such a knife, using it both in fights where swords are not appropriate (very close quarters, quieter) and in the same way a common citizen uses his own, smaller blade- cutting off strips of roasted meat, spearing vegetables, paring his nails, and so on. In fact, if the typical soldier was forced to pick a single item to take with him, it would be the dirk much more often than the sword. Given a choice of a second item, he will probably pick a sharpening stone for the dirk.   Everybody knows how to kill someone with a dagger- stab them overhand, over and over, right? That's just the approach the untrained will take, making them pitifully easy to disarm or just run through. In fact, that is the least effective maneuver possible against anyone with training, a weapon or armor, but very good against unsuspecting, outnumbered old men in togas.  

Table of Knife Skills

NameDifficultyFirst Rank/AdditionalTaught to Rank
Knife BasicsEasy10/550
Knife ChopEasy10/550
Knife SlashEasy10/550
Knife StabEasy10/550
Knife JabEasy10/550
Knife Simple BlockEasy10/550
Knife Low BlockDifficult12/750
Knife Overhead BlockAverage11/650
Knife LungeImpossible13/850
Knife Cross BlockAverage11/650
Knife DisarmAverage11/650
Knife StrikeEasy10/550
Knife FeintAverage11/650

Table of Knives

an iron daggermagic4Knife12150
a pointy daggeraverage0Knife00100
an iron daggerabove average4Knife12150
a rusty iron daggerbelow average2Knife12150
a dull daggerbelow average2Knife12100
a sharp bloodstained daggerabove average2Knife12100
a bronze daggerslightly above average4Knife12120
a steel daggergood4Knife12180
a bronze cinquedeaslightly above average6Knife1.53150
a bronze dirkslightly above average5Knife1.53150
a tin dirkaverage5Knife1.53120
an iron dirkabove average6Knife1.53160
a steel rondelgood3Knife0.51200
a bronze knifeslightly average2Knife0.51100
a skinning knifeaverage2Knife0.51100
a tin knifeaverage2Knife0.5180
a pointy daggermagic0Knife00100
a rusty iron daggermagic2Knife12150
a dull daggermagic2Knife12100
a sharp bloodstained daggermagic2Knife12100
a bronze cinquedeamagic6Knife1.53150
a bronze dirkmagic5Knife1.53150
a steel rondelmagic3Knife0.51200
a bronze knifemagic2Knife0.51100
a skinning knifemagic2Knife12100
a tin daggeraverage1Knife0.51n/a
a pointy daggerrare0Knife00100
an iron daggerrare4Knife12150
a rusty iron daggerrare2Knife12150
a dull daggerrare2Knife12100
a sharp bloodstained daggerrare2Knife12100
a bronze cinqueudearare6Knife1.53150
a bronze dirkrare5Knife1.53150
a steel rondelrare3Knife0.51200
a bronze kniferare2Knife0.51100
a skinning kniferare2Knife12100

Knife Trainers

TrainerTeaches to RankLocation
T1 - Lune50Farshire
T2 - Knife Trainer150Gardenia
Item type
Weapon, Melee

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