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The old church

A thirty-minute walk over an old cobblestone path leads you to an abandoned church outside the city. Almost nobody comes here anymore after the new church was built inside the city's centre. Wild grass and flowers can be found around the building, and most glass from the windows is no longer there.   Inside not much is left. Everything is either destroyed or robbed.  

Secret meeting place

But looks are deceiving. This building is being used as a neutral meeting ground by the members of the three major mystery societies. A hidden stair brings you to a door that can only be opened with a unique key. The key is only given to higher-ranking members of the organisations. Here they discuss problems within their organisation, between two or more organisations, or a situation that has world-threatening consequences.   When you turn the key and remove it from the lock, the door slowly opens. The contrast with the church upstairs is enormous. Friendly chatter fills your ears, and a warm sensation overwhelms you. The warmth is created by a big fireplace that dominates the opposite wall. Next to the fireplace, you see two doors made from fine wood and beautifully decorated. On the left side of the room, a bar can be seen with all kinds of drinks. On the right are multiple sitting arrangements.  


One member of each organisation is always present. It is their job to make sure the visitors are all taken care of and that nobody conducts unfinished business.
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Neutral ground


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Mar 17, 2022 16:43

I hope you expand it more, as it seems like a very interesting place.   Couple of things to think on: If it is outside the city, wouldnt it be easy to see people going down the path to the ruined church, making it at least a little inconvenient for those in the secret societies to get to unnoticed.   And you have its purpose as discussing problems, but in the description you say it is filled with friendly chatter, these two descriptions seem to be at odds with each other.

Updated soon.
Mar 19, 2022 18:58

Hey, Thanks for the feedback, I will check if I have time coming week to incorporate it!