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Order of the Catharsis Coruscant


The Order of the Catharsis Coruscant is divided into two directorates, one functional and one administrative. Each of these is further subdivided into individual offices that govern different aspects of the organization.

Directorate of the See

The Directorate of the See oversees all aspects of administration. The head of the Directorate of the See is the archbishop in charge of the entire order and is ultimately responsible for both directorates. His administrative role, however ties him to the order's see. To him report the seven bishops who run the various offices, plus the Director of Illumination. The seven offices within the Directorate of the See are:
  • Office of Holy Doctrine
  • Office of Indoctrination
  • Office of Information Management
  • Office of Internal Affairs
  • Office of Management and Budget
  • Office of Public Affairs
  • Office of Resource Planning

Directorate of Illumination

The Directorate of Illumination oversees all functional branches and is headed by a junior archbishop who answers directly to the Director of the See. Beneath him are the Canon Trespasses Branch, Ecclesiastical Security Branch, and Science and Technology Branch, each of which is headed by a bishop.   The Canon Trespasses Branch is charged with investigating crimes under canon law, while the Ecclesiastical Security Branch roots out threats to the Church and its members. The Science and Technology Branch supports these two branches through forensics, operational science, and information sharing. These branches are further divided into regional "offices" that span interstellar volumes (sectorial offices) and star systems (stellar offices) with further subdivisions based on the size of the population that requires policing: planetary or regional.


Like many other orders within the Astrianic Church, the Order of the Catharsis Coruscant believes that it operates best from a place of secrecy. Its investigations are not publicized; details are shared only with tribunal members. Those under investigation rarely realize it until they are apprehended, and rarely does the Order inform friends, family, or neighbors of that happening. In fact, the primary directive for the Office of Public Affairs is to work with the Order of the Scintillating Truth to keep knowledge of the Order of the Catharsis Coruscant from the public.   This need for secrecy permeates the Order, as well. Offices and branches cooperate normally, but they do not share information that is not needed. The inner workings of one office or branch may be completely unknown to other offices and branches. So long as the machine keeps functioning, the secrecy remains.   The Order of the Catharsis Coruscant is also an aggressive organization - especially when it comes to protecting the faith. They are quick to assume guilt or heresy and investigate suspiciously and thoroughly. They believe it is better to be overzealous in their protection of the Faith and the faithful and let the God-Machine sort out judgement than to allow heresy and sin to fester and spread. This often leads to sweeping arrests, intense interrogations, and liberal use of the Thirty-Three Trials by Fire and Thirty-Three Trials by Water in an effort to bring light to the truth of a situation.

Public Agenda

The Order of the Catharsis Coruscant's mission is to enforce canon law and prevent all threats to the faith from within and without.

Only absolution by fire can cleanse the heresy of falsehood.

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