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Dicastery of the See

The Dicastery of the See is one of the four major divisions of the The Astrianic Church. Its responsibilities lie in the administration of the church itself. This includes tending to the spiritual needs of its congregants throughout the galaxy, running the church's economy, managing diplomatic relationships, and administering justice among its clergy according to Canon Law.


The Dicastery of the See is divided into three congregations, three secretariats, and two tribunals. Each of these subdivisions is responsible for some aspect of managing the Church's affairs, as described below:

  • Congregation for the Bishops - Manages the Church's operation on a regional and local level.
  • Congregation for the Clergy - Ministers to the spiritual needs of all members of the Church.
  • Congregation for the Apostolic Societies - Tends to the needs of each Apostolic Society within the Church.
  • Secretariat of State - Directs and supports the Church's diplomatic efforts with other governments and organizations.
  • Secretariat of Economy - Manages the Church's finances and the economies of Church-owned systems and planets.
  • Secretariat of Communication - The public relations branch of the Church, they are responsible for outreach to both believers and nonbelievers.
  • Tribunal for the Forgiveness of Sins - The Church's primary judicial branch responsible for administering justice based on Canon Law.
  • Tribunal for the Appeal to Higher Power - The Church's appelate courts responsible for hearing cases believed to be misjudged in the Tribunal for the Forgiveness of Sins and shaping Canon Law for the future.

Public Agenda

The Dicastery of the See primarily exists to ensure that the faithful are nurtured and protected. To that end, it maintains a large priesthood dedicated to the spiritual needs of its congregation as well as the government apparatus necessary to operate and perpetuate such a large organization. Part of this requires ensuring that the Church exists well into the future. To that end, this dicastery's other goal is to grow its congregation of believers by raising and administering the funds necessary to support the other dicasteries within the church.

Through Faith Shines Light

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The Astrianic Church

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Dicastery of the See

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