Summoning Staff of Filknar the Terrible

A symbol of hate and destruction

The summoning staff of Filknar is a staff imbued with dark magic by the Dark Fae. It was used by Filknar the Terrible to summon forth Dark Entities over a thousand years ago. The staff is kept in the museum at the University of Kentla, to remind people of the evil that magic has brought upon the land.  

An vengeful individual

Back in the year 314 ADF, when the dark creatures had already been roaming the lands for 300 years, Filknar the Terrible lived in what is now southern Elken, though he had not gained the name "terrible" yet.   It is said that he disappeared that year, and when he reappeared, he had a horrible plan and vision for his former neighbours. He used a staff along with dark magic to summon dark creatures and hurt those who had once crossed him.   Filknar is said to have made the staff himself and managed to imbue it with much dark power over a longer period of time. Though some versions of the stories tell of him stealing the staff from the dark fae.  
It is said that Filknar the Terrible was known to bear grudges for a long time, but since he was not much of a threat, no one truly cared to make it up to him if they had wronged him.   The story goes, that one day, Filknar had enough of being ignored and looked down upon. He ventured out on a mission, to find the Dark Fae. See, the dark fae were and still are thought to be evil and malevolent and to bestow their dark magic upon to anyone who wished to spread their anger on humans. This isn't exactly accurate, but Filknar did not know this.   After years of searching, he finally came across a dark fae. However, this creature was not willing to bestow the dark magic upon Filknar as he wished. He ended up tricking the fae, and fled before he could be met with any real consequences. He either created or had stolen his dark staff, with which he learned how to summon dark creatures and have them obey his commands.   He returned back to his previous home, and terrorized the citizens by summoning forth monsters, laying waste to their homes and killing innocents.
— Quote from a book of folk tales
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
  • Length: 160 cm
  • Appereance:
    Dark brown wooden staff with carvings.

    Cover image: by Ninne124


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