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The Sacred Flesh

"Our Lord God's physical form may be dead yet his spirit lives on. His flesh remains for us, granting us the power to fight our enemies and bring the word of God to all worlds."


The Tellandric Church worship the Great Redeemer, He who perished to bring light into the darkness. His physical form is kept the upon the Church Planet of Tellan in stasis at the Holiest of Holies, which only the Grand Pontiff, the Holy Council and the favoured are allowed to visit; an immense chamber the dead God fills utterly after undergoing his ascension upon death, his body swelling in size. Though dead, he continues to speak to the the Cenobitic Order of Tellan, men and women who have abandoned their previous lives in order to care for and speak for their dead God. Cenobites do not last long as proximity to the Redeemer drives many mad and warps their flesh.

Quite when and how the Sacred Flesh began to be use by the Church is unknown. For centuries now though the Redeemer's imperishable sacred blood and flesh has been carefully harvested and used to form the Sacred Flesh, the basis for the organic weaponry, armour and vessels of the Tellandranic Church.

Through the harvesting of divine flesh and holy blood the Church is able to create powerful weapons and armour for its Holy Legions. From the formidable living armour of the Tellandric Templars through to the living ships of their Navy, the Sacred Flesh has given the Church a considerable edge against those it deems the Unfaithful.


Tellandric Templar garbed in Sacred Flesh Judgement Armour


Tellandric Templars and Sacred Flesh

Not all believers are allowed to wield and don the Sacred Flesh derived equipment. Only the esteemed and rightly feared Templars have the honour of wearing the armour created from the flesh of their God and only after years of training and purification. To be chosen and have the slightest chance of being a Templar is enough for most and it is amongst the most sacred calling of the Church. The armour increases speed and resilience and great strength to its wearer, enhancing their ferocity and will to defeat the enemies of the Church. It fuses with the wearer and they will never be able to remove it as the armour becomes a part of them until death. Other more secretive military groups within the Church wear Sacred Flesh armour and they are often agents of the Inquisition and the feared Paladins, the elite protectors of the Grand Pontiff whose piety and holiness is second only to the Great Redeemed Himself.


Tellandric Bioships

Tellandric flesh crafters have been able to create formidable living ships from the Sacred Flesh, a fusion of inorganic steel and the living flesh of a dead god. The ships tend toward being large and ugly creations, blocky brutes with organic components that are remarkably agile and able to weather horrific damage and unleash it back. The flesh components will heal themselves and are remarkably agile for their size due to the unique nature of much of their crew being a part of the ship itself; a sacrifice any good citizen of the Church is willing to offer themselves for. The Tellandric Church ships are a feared sight and when one or more descends upon a world of unbelievers, carnage and death is swift to follow.



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