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Dara Saol

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The world of Dara Saol is ever growing and changing with the passing years. Civilizations rise and fall, wars rage onward as kingdoms and empires expand and dwindle with the passage of time. Villages grow into towns, towns become cities, democracies replace monarchies and firearms replace swords and arrows. The Chronicles of the Seven follow our reclusive protagonists as they navigate the changing times over the course of many centuries across three continents and countless islands.Secondary characters come and go only for they decedents to appear in later story lines. I have much love and respect for GRRM and Tolkien along with the elaborate worlds they created but i always found something stagnant about Westeros and Middle Earth. Besides a few plot driven exceptions, most of the worlds remain the same. No new castles or cities spring up, all companies or major powers are either young upstarts or centuries old to begin with. What is most infuriating is how little change there is with general human progress. Ancient kingdoms fight wars with swords and shields, ride horses and live in stone keeps. It conflicts with natural human progress for people to be living the exact same ways of life with no new weapons, or means of transportation thousands of years later. With stories spanning numerous centuries, Dara Saol grows from a ancient world reminiscent of the roman empire/ medieval Europe, to one not unlike colonial era, Victorian era then to the Old West/ turn of the century and eventually settling into a modern world parallel to our own.

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