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Dangerous World, Dangerous People

FIrst Ignin of Civil Twilight 456PsR

Earth, war torn and scarred across most of its face. The armies of mankind march forth with weapons of unparalleled destructive might. Two nations clash leaving the rest of the world in fear of the outcome. The Chaos Acolytes and Solarian-Illuminate Conglomerate wage war on a global scale unlike anything seen by this world before. The Resurgence bringing the Gods back to this world has taken its toll, and this war shall take hers.   In the mid 21st century the political turmoil of the world was at a breaking point. Nato was rearming, Brics was mobilizing and the rest of the world was watching, waiting. Alas there eyes should not have been cast to the ground, but to the stars. A white hot streak, a bolt of energy so violent so powerful that its impact should have destroyed the planet. Sundering her crust and scattering South America, killing all who called it home. But this was only the immediate casualties where nearly a billion souls were scattered into the Hells themselves.     The sundering wrought upon the Earth was mighty but it was not a mortal blow. The 6 of the remaining Gods intervened and protected the planet containing the blast, directing it upwards to scatter into the atmosphere leaving the two to do battle in what was South America. The world was shaken and it's precarious balances destroyed. With several of its core constituents gone BRICS knew it no longer had the power to face NATO and NATO now had a world spanning crisis to contain. The world fell into anarchy but this was only the beginning of their plight.   Sickness the blight of mortal everywhere lasted for nearly 100 years. Like wildfire a new "disease" had begun to spread in short order overtaking nearly sixty percent of the world's remaining populace in only a few months time. Nearly 7 billion people, the mana plague had begun. The strong survived gaining access to powers which were long thought myth, the weak succumb to the "disease" or the "gift" as others would call it. By the end of the ordeal the world's populace would decline from nearly 12 billion pre-resurgence to under 4 billion 112 years post resurgence.   With humankind on the verge of destruction watchers hiding in the dark took their chance. Other species began to emerge from from behind the veil, using the tears in the fabrics between plains to move through to Earth and began to colonize within the decimated human territories. Mankind being weakened had little defence save the stronger industrialized nations and even those could not all hold against a strong and willing enemy after their recent plight. Using magics unseen to mankind for millennia these new species while primitive in comparison held great power. Able to cast explosions from nothing, direct lightning and summon vast meteors from the skies to bring ruin to the human technological advantage. Magic evened the battlefield and numbers overtook that balance still. Eventually after years of warring the other races came to an agreement with the humans to come to peace.   Unbeknownst to the rest of the world two groups had been planted here hundred if not thousands of years before the Resurgence with the express goal of preparing for the Gods return. They went by many names and monikers some calling them the Illuminati, the New World Order, Zionist even the Vatican was thought a part of this group. Who they were then didn't matter, what they would become was important. The groups prepared massive bunkers with technology, people and supplies to be ready for the coming cataclysm. As time went on and their instructions unfolded they had saved themselves from destruction, albeit at a cost. The Acolytes having been better prepared had safe havens built shielding them from the effects of the Mana that irradiated the rest of the world causing them to by nature be deficient in magic use. The Solarians having come near immediately under assault by non-humans began to wage war against them with time creating spurn to non-humanlike species.   The Acolytes faired better being Isolated on Greenland for a time until the sea level drop from the destruction of South America and the cooling caused by the ash cast into the atmosphere reduced the sea levels. Once brought to the rest of the world they began to trade, negotiate and wage war against those that were willing (or not) in order to lift themselves to the pinnacle of the world. The Solarians establishing a foothold in what was left of Russia and Asia. Two other groups had risen from the ashes in this time. The Illuminate being a peaceful nation began to end grievances amongst the still warring nations and acted a mediary in helping to settle the dust guided by the hand of Helias. The Reapers though isolationist by nature under the watchful gave of Abysmas became close allies of the Acolytes due to the relationship between their patrons, the Gods of Chaos and Death, brothers and friends alike. The Gods of Order and Life taking the helm of the Solarians and Illuminate respectively stood on uneasy terms while dealing with their antithesis, leaving the world in turmoil once again.   For a time peace was common but this was not to last 332 PsR the Solarians and Illuminate allied to crush the God of death in a quick and decisive war. They launched several large scale blitz attacks crippling the nation and sealing the God robbing the people of most of their powers in rapid succession. With Abysmas sealed help could not be provided by Chaotus in an official capacity, as their agreement required the request of the other. Mercenary armies were "excommunicated" by the Acolyte for waging war in an illegal capacity without permission from the state. Many citizens revoked their citizenship to help their allies to the contrary of the official sentiment of the government. Unfortunately even with these armies sent it was not enough to save the beligured nation which collapsed after the battle of the Rib Cage broke the last of there people's will.   The Acolytes acted quickly seeing that leaving the nation unattended would lead to the extinction of their allies and the growth of their enemies declared war on the Reapers annexing territory between there ally and their enemies using themselves as a buffer. Eventually even with this act the nation could not sustain itself and was eventually absorbed into there Acolytes to recover the assets and protect what national identity and culture remained. Not long after the war the building holding the antiquated paperwork caught fire due to "faulty wiring" meaning that officially no one gave up citizenship.   As the years past and the nations grew slowly shaping the world into what it has become there was an era of military build up had begun. In this time of weariness and uncertainty a new cataclysm swept through the Central Asian continent deep in the newly acquired Acolyte territory, still under the control of the old governments in the area. The dead began to rise in ever increasing number pressing northward towards the Ashen Sea. Coordinated and more intelligent than ever thought possible, they began to destroy cities and sack towns to swell there numbers. Beasts unheard of to time began to be made the first of there kind would be used as living siege engine to to bring ruin to entire cities...Grave Titans. These undead harbingers of destruction towered 12 meters high. Flesh and boulder alike were their charge used as a projectile flung with great force. The would hurl motes of undead for nearly half a mile raining down shock troops of fetid flesh and horrid wails. Once near they would use massive swords borne from wrought iron or hewn stone cleaving entire buildings in two. The liches would raise the fallen forces after each battle minimizing there loses and the undead dragons would rain necrotic flame upon those that survived.   The world had reached an apex a point of danger, if they did not stop this scourge then it would be the end. Through great sacrifice and the lives of millions heroes fought there way into the castle of the Archlich who's name has been lost to time. With the fate of all lying on their shoulders dozens ventured in to stop him from bringing the world to an end. Few returned. But the shadows thrust upon the skies in there sickly green and greys were no more, with their lives they saved the world from destruction. His armies were sealed in the Graven Fields an artificial mountain range, the lands desecrated to raise the dead for all time.   Even with this the Soalrians saw fit to begin upscaling once again and within 150 year declared war on the Acolytes. With this the world was thrust into it's current circumstance and its peoples left to suffer. Many heros and villains alike plague this world and more still indiferent in morals. There tales are great and varied, some long some short. Few triumphant many tragic and all sharing one thing...  
They were all living in a Dangerous World as Dangerous People.