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Toxic Parasite

These parasites reside in toxic areas. Parasites are dangerous as they can hurl poisonous fluid secretions at an enemy. They have no defenses at all and must look for a dead host for protection. The parasites can control the dead host with its fluid secretions, making the host a mindless zombie. Once the parasite chooses a host, it is binded to it permanently. That means killing the host would kill the parasite.

Basic Information


The parasite is just a worm the size of a rodent. It can take over any dead host, giving it any functionality and form that comes with it.

Ecology and Habitats

These parasites live in toxic areas.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The parasite does not have much perception by itself. The only thing the parasite can do itself is detect the smell of a dead host. Once the parasite takes over the host, it will have the perceptions of the host as if it was alive.

Scientific Name
15 years
Average Height
0.8 ft - 1.2 ft
Average Weight
24 lbs - 71 lbs
Average Length
2.4 ft - 3 ft

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