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The Ancient Jungle

The Ancient Jungle lies west of Calmarnock. This jungle is full of surprises and is known for its natural maze where people often get lost. It is very common for explorers to enter the jungle but never return. The trees are so thick that sunlight barely gets through. As a result, many large animals, insects, and non-humans roam freely within this jungle. People have continued to try anyway in hopes that they will be one of the few that have returned. The entrance of the forest is clearly marked with warning signs. In the middle of the jungle lies the Lost Cathedral, where the Aragon River stops and creates a natural moat around the cathedral.


The dense jungle has such thick trees that sunlight barely reaches the jungle floor. In addition to that, the trees have grown in a way that it creates a natural maze. All sorts of creatures and insects have taken up this place as home. The Aragon River flows through the jungle but stops and pools in the middle of the jungle around the Lost Cathedral.

Fauna & Flora

This jungle houses a lot of poisonous insects. Their bites or stings can be dangerous if left untreated for some time. The Aragon River gets significantly deeper and larger around the Lost Cathedral, where larger creatures live in. Some of these creatures include the hippocampus, mermaids, kappas, and water sprites and nymphs. Much larger versions of the diving bell spider live around the river as well, which can pose as dangerous threats due to their sheer size. Manticores can be seen on rare occasions because they typically do not show their faces around humans.

Natural Resources

This jungle is largely uncharted and undocumented because so many explorers have never returned from it.

Included Locations

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