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Siebold Morningstar

Siebold Morningstar (a.k.a. Siebold Abbott)

Siebold is a peasant who grew up in Zescester. Siebold is a hard-working person who loves his life in Zescester. He loves the peace and quiet and how free the town is compared to other towns around them. Unbeknownst to everyone, Siebold's true parents are Satan and Eve. Siebold doesn't even know who his true parents are. According to his foster father, Siebold was found wrapped up in blankets underneath the largest tree in the town, which the town had named "Yggdrasil." Siebold deeply cares about the people within his town. He especially cares about his closest friend since birth, Magnolia, and an old manticore named Shuma. Siebold visits Shuma deep within the forest daily mid-day. It is there that Siebold learns to wield his magic powers alongside with Magnolia. In return, Siebold and Magnolia take care of Shuma and look out for him.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Siebold is a healthy, fit person. He is decently agile. On the other hand, Siebold is not as strong as some others around him.

Facial Features

Siebold has a X-shaped scare on the left side of his face. He has had it there since he was born, so not even his foster father knows where it's from.

Identifying Characteristics

Siebold's scar is the way to identify him.

Special abilities

Siebold has the innate ability to use both holy and dark magic. He does not know he can until much later. Siebold is also a good hand-to-hand combat fighter.

Apparel & Accessories

Siebold's favorite accessory is his bright purple fedora. The fedora was placed on top of Siebold when he was placed under the tree by Satan. As Siebold's only lead to his past, Siebold has kept it with him at all times and will not go anywhere without it.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Siebold was born back in 247 AM from Satan and Eve. Siebold was an unexpected child and the two new parents did not know what to do. This led Satan to cast a spell onto Siebold to have him sleep until a worthy father figure came and found him to raise the child. Satan placed the child under a large tree that would later be called Yggdrasil with a bright purple fedora.   1739 years later, a man named Earnest Abbott came up for a walk by Yggdrasil and sat under the tree. When he sat down, Siebold started crying because the spell Satan placed had been broken. Earnest, startled, found Siebold and raised him like a son. From then on, Siebold was raised under Earnest Abbott. Siebold adopted his foster father's last name, Siebold Abbott. Around Siebold's 7th year of livelihood, he encountered Magnolia while wandering in the forest with Earnest and Shuma. Siebold and Magnolia quickly became best friends and spent the next decade and half inseparable. Over the years, Siebold and Magnolia visited Shuma every day and learned how to wield magic. Siebold learned the basics of healing magic and damaging magic. Shuma made Siebold promise that Siebold would never use those powers around anyone besides Earnest and Magnolia. Siebold promised and has yet to break it since. During these years, nobles have occasionally visited this town and berated all the citizens of Zescester. This made Siebold angry and hope to one day make the nobles eat their words.   In the present, Siebold helps his growing town of Zescester with Magnolia. He still visits Shuma, though it is evident that Shuma's days are numbered. Thus, Siebold visits Shuma more and more frequently, occasionally spending the nights by Shuma's side, caring for him.

Intellectual Characteristics

Siebold is a caring and protective person. He deeply cares everyone in his town, especially Shuma, Magnolia, and Earnest. This sometimes leads Siebold to do reckless things, however, which can put him in danger. He is often scolded for this by Magnolia and Earnest. Siebold is a decent magic-wielder and knows basic defense skills. He will use negotiation before violence, though.

Year of Birth
247 AM 1759 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Siebold was unexpectedly born from the Devil and the Original Sinner themselves. This made Satan cast a spell over the child and have him awaken when a worthy father figure has appeared.
Biological Sex
Light Blue
Long, tied-back, sleek navy hair.
Skin Tone
207 lbs

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