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The manticore is a legendary creature that is similar to that of a sphinx. They are typically known to eat men. Manticores are physically strong and have the ability to shoot poisoned barbs out of their scorpion tails in self defense. Thus, manticores are feared throughout the human hearts. Contrary to popular belief, however, manticores are actually really docile. They do not eat men and are herbivores. Those who have met a manticore really know what they are like. Manticores do not possess any magic powers.

Basic Information


The manticore has the body of a red lion, the face of a man with a mouth so wide it stretches from ear to ear, three rows of teeth, and a scorpion stinger for a tail. Some manticores have wings.

Ecology and Habitats

Manticores reside in the depths of the forests. They typically do not interact with many humans. Manticores are docile species and they just wander around the forest.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Manticores have sight and hearing to sense their environments. On top of that, manticores naturally have a strong sense of awareness.

Scientific Name
35 years
Average Height
5 ft - 7 ft
Average Weight
400 lbs - 600 lbs
Average Length
5.6 ft - 8.2 ft

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