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Magnolia Bellot

Magnolia Bellot (a.k.a. Maggie)

Magnolia Bellot was born two years after Siebold was found. She was born in Zescter and has never left the village. Up until she found Siebold talking to Shuma, she had no friends and constantly went to the forest to play. At age 6, she heard someone talking while she was out playing in the forest. It was there she spotted Siebold talking to Shuma. Magnolia was very surprised and tried to back away, but her ankle got caught on a root and twisted her ankle. Shuma heard the commotion and came over and took care of her. From that day on Magnolia kept on visiting Shuma and made a new friend in Siebold. Shuma made her promise not to tell anyone about him. Magnolia learned how to wield magic, shadow magic in particular, under Shuma. By the time Shuma died, Shuma and Magnolia both had places for each other in their hearts. Magnolia saw Shuma as family.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Magnolia is quite clumsy. She is not agile nor does she have a lot of physical strength. She does, however, have strong magical powers, enabling her to counteract her lack of agility and strength.

Identifying Characteristics

Magnolia has a witch hat the has been passed down from generation to generation in her family. Magnolia wears it whenever she leaves the house.

Special abilities

Magnolia learned how to wield shadow magic from Shuma. She grows to be a competent shadow magic user.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Magnolia does not know the outside world that much. She has never ventured out farther than Zesctnock Forest. The only information she has of the outside world is from Shuma and his travels around the world. Besides that, Magnolia has had a simple life growing up in Zescter. She helped around the village and spent time with Magnolia and Siebold. Her first tragic experience is with Shuma's death.

Intellectual Characteristics

Magnolia may not act like it, but she is very intuitive and observant. She does think things through before acting.

Year of Birth
1988 AM 18 Years old
Biological Sex
Dark blue
Short purple-pink bob
Skin Tone
126 lbs

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