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Kappas are amphibious creatures that have a turtle-like shell on its back with webbed feet and hands. They are greenish in color and are slimy. Kappas also have the distinguishable feature of a bowl-like cap on their heads. Kappas live near ponds and rivers. Kappas need to keep their caps filled with water in order to stay alive, especially if a kappa ventures away from the body of water for some time. Emptying the cap would be equivalent to drowning a human. Kappas are very skilled swimmers, but do not do as well on land. Kappas seem to waddle around on land. Kappas are very polite and bowing down to a kappa will cause a kappa to be bow as well. This will empty their caps, however, but if their cap is refilled before it dies, then that kappa will serve its savior for the rest of its life.

Basic Information


Kappas have webbed hands and feet with a turtle-like shell on its back. They also have a bowl-like cap on their heads that must retain water if the kappa is venturing away from the body of water.

Ecology and Habitats

Kappas can only be seen around bodies of water.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Kappas love cucumbers. They also eat fish and berries.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Kappas are quite clumsy and oblivious. They do not really care for anything as they don't have any predators, besides humans.

Scientific Name
Average Height
3'1" - 3'11"
Average Weight
31.5 lbs - 49.5 lbs

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