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Hippocampi (hippocamps) are literally sea-horses. The amphibious creature has an upper body of a horse with the lower body of a fish. It has the two front legs of a horse with the tail end being a fish. The hippocamp can move around on land with its two front legs while dragging its fish tail behind. While it swims, the legs stay on the sides. Oddly enough, the hippocamp is more herbivorous. It requires to get onto land to graze on the jungle grass for food rather than in the ocean. The hippocamp exudes this aura that strikes the captivator in awe. It is a creature of elegance.

Basic Information


The hippocamp's top part of its body resembles a horse while the body part resembles a fish.

Ecology and Habitats

Hippocamps live near water bodies.

Scientific Name
25 years - 30 years
Average Height
4.7 ft - 6 ft
Average Weight
840 lbs - 2200 lbs
Average Length
7.3 ft - 8 ft

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