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Eaucrixian Plains

The Eaucrixian Plains is the large grassland landscape that is right in the middle of Eaucrix. This place is an open area that connects Calmarnock, Geistale, and the Ancient Forest. There isn't much to do in the Eaucrixian Plains. The Eaucrixian Plains are divided by the Aragon River. The only thing that the plains have is wildlife. There are various animals and non-humans throughout the Eaucrixian Plains. The plains have a south exit into the Lower Maugan Valley.


The Eaucrixian Plains is very hilly and has tall grass and trees. Within the tall grass and trees are non-humans and animals. Since this place is so large, travelers get lost easily.

Fauna & Flora

Centaurs are common to see within the Eaucrixian Plains. Griffins also make an appearance here in the plains. They would either be flying in the skies or be hidden in the tall grass. Some other creatures that live in the Eaucrixian Plains are unicorns, orcs, and basilisks. Since it is an open plain, most of the creatures are friendly and herbivores. Travelers need to be careful of basilisks and orcs, however. Within the Eaucrixian Plains lies the Enis the Basilisk. This basilisk is currently the largest of all basilisks and feeds on humans.

Natural Resources

The plains don't provide much resources.

Alternative Name(s)
The Plains

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