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Aragon River

The Aragon River is a river that divides the land into three parts. The freshwater river cuts through the Zesctnock Forest and Calmarnock. The water of the river is very clean and clear. The bottom of the river is visible and fairly shallow. Since the river is such a central part of life to everything around it, all species make sure to preserve the river's health. Calmarnock has even set town laws for the river's preservation. The river is teeming with a variety of small fishes and creatures.


The freshwater river flows throughout Eaucrix and flows out into the ocean just before Mauga. The river winds through Zesctnock Forest, Calmarnock, and the Ancient Jungle. The rivers flows right by Geistale.

Fauna & Flora

Due to the river's health, many water sprites have made the river its home. The water sprites make sure to keep the river as healthy as possible. They will not hesitate to eliminate anybody who may threaten the river's state. Legends have it that within the Aragon River lives the Salmon of Knowledge. No one has found it yet, but species of all sorts have spent ages trying to find it in hopes to possess the knowledge that the salmon can bestow.

Natural Resources

The river supplies fresh water and fish to all life around it. The river's resources seem limitless.

Alternative Name(s)
The Aragon

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