Naeru Azhari a.k.a. Naerumar Azjanae

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A young, Elbri nobleman with close ties to King Linoxos Nuelgaryn. Born a merchant's son, he was forced to live on the streets when his family was killed in a plague. After a year of struggling to survive, he was taken in and adopted by a caring nobleman. Naeru and his adoptive brother Darshan were present during the assassination of King Revanos, and they helped Prince Linoxos hide from his would-be killers.

In the following years, Naeru and Darshan founded a group of spies and assassins at Linoxos' request in order to hunt down those responsible for the royal deaths. To the other nobility of Elbrith, the brothers were just minor noblemen who happened to befriend the crown prince. But from within the shadows they spied and killed on the king's behalf.

Appearance and Physical Attributes

Naeru is average height and of slender build, though he makes sure to keep in shape. His back and arms are marred by scars, which he keeps hidden under his clothes. Although he's only minor nobility with little land, his close friendship with the king means he has no need to cater to noble expectations. Outside of formal court gatherings, he is often seen in a simple leather coat. He prefers dark clothes, usually black, gray, or blue, with loose, long sleeves that he can conceal his daggers under.

Naeru is left-handed, though due to growing up with the stigma of being cursed, he taught himself to use his right hand for almost every day-to-day need.

Personality and Behavior

A patient and quiet individual, Naeru values privacy and freedom. Outside of requirements to the court, he keeps to himself. Publicly, he presents himself as a scholar who likes to travel, a half-truth he uses to cover up the needs of his covert operations. He despises the corruption in Linoxos' court and places a high value on honor and honesty. He particularly abhors those who mistreat others for personal gain. Because of this, the servants he employs are all people who have suffered at the hands of cruel masters.

Naeru naturally has a smooth, quiet way of speaking. Due to the corruption in the Elbri court, he chooses his words carefully, and takes pains to make sure what he says can't be used against him. His accent is common for Westvalens.

Mannerisms and Quirks
  • licks his lip when considering a question he's been asked that he either doesn't want to answer or needs to think of how to answer

Social Status and Wealth

Although he had to learn to be a nobleman, Naeru has a natural gift with words and keen instincts, so he had little trouble learning how to act through observation. And from his childhood as a commoner and an urchin, he learned how to blend in to avoid suspicion. To that end, he is able to blend in in almost any setting, and can shift his accent and mannerisms swiftly to suit the situation. However, he dislikes being the center of attention, particularly in a crowd. He much prefers to observe quietly from the background.

As a minor nobleman, Naeru has sufficient wealth to live comfortably at his small manor in Nuelga. His brother Darshan, who inherited the family estate, shares a portion of family earnings with him. The remainder of Naeru's earnings come from investments he's made that allow him to disguise the money earned from his shadowy work for the king.

As someone who spent time on the streets, Naeru takes nothing for granted. He's frugal with his money and spends it on necessities for himself and his servants, as well as a small amount for the sake of court appearances. His main pleasure is books, and he keeps a decently-sized library in his manor.

Knowledge and Skills

As a merchant's son, Naeru learned letters and numbers at an early age. Along with his native Elbri, his parents taught him Etherean and basic Thali and Glyfen. In his late teen years, he taught himself Kilgrothian when his shadowy mission took him to the icy kingdom.


The first weapon Naeru learned to wield was a knife, which he learned during his time on the streets. Ever a quick learner, he moved from using just one dagger to two, and quickly out-classed his fellow urchins. He can use his daggers effectively both as melee and thrown weapons. After he was adopted by Lord Khiagan Nazhari, he was taught the sword, which he quickly mastered with both his left and right hand. He also learned how to wield both bow and crossbow, but as he had little use for them and they wasn't common tools for anyone besides soldiers and hunters, his skill with them never extended past basic.

Magical Abilities

Naeru has no magical abilities, and limited knowledge of its workings. In Elbrith, magic is rare, and outside of the large towns and cities the people are suspicious of anything otherworldly.

Treasures and Values

After years of killing, all Naeru longs for is a peaceful life. Naeru has few things he values more than his family. Among those things are his leather coat, which once belonged to his birth father, his gold-sapphire ring, which was passed down to him by his maternal grandfather, and his sapphire pendant, which was given to him by his adoptive father and bears an engraving of his personal seal.


Though he believes in the gods, Naeru is skeptical of how much they really interact with the Mortal Realm, and does little to offer them deference beyond small prayers when the occasion calls for it. He particularly dislikes the idea of the gods or fate controlling his life.

Gender: male

Age: 20

Skin Tone: pale white

Eye Color: black

Hair: black, shoulder-length, wavy

Current Location
Current Residence
Aligned Organization

Father: Carlyn Orvas (deceased)

Mother: Shyllea Naathalean Orvas (deceased)

Sister: Raelyn Orvas (deceased)

Adoptive father: Khiagan Nazhari (deceased)

Adoptive brother: Darshan Nazhari

Other: Amina Nazhari (sister-in-law), Drisella Nazhari (niece)

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