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Tele-Impetus Device

A tele-impetus device, TID for short, is primarily made up of two parts. The first part is a set of metal bands that wrap around the user's wrists. These control the impetus and direction of the second part. The second part is a propulsor that changes direction and power based on movements with the metal bands.


TID's are mainly used on ships. It is believed that they were discovered when a ship from another planet crashed down onto this one. They are used to propel ships through the air, but they can also be used to propel a ship through water. If simplified and slimmed down, they could even be used for a more personal purpose.
Access & Availability
TID's are very rare. They are usually only found with high-level travelling merchants.
TID's are incredibly complex, and the magic that is melded with the science has yet to be completely understood as well.
A small galley was found broken in a forest with a set of metal bands and four propulsors. Very few mechanists were able to replicate the device, but over time, more were found with what appeared to be crashed ships in the middle of nowhere. Nobody is sure of where they came from or who made them.

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