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Splitter and Ripper


These +3 scythes deal 1d8+2 natural damage. Four times a day, the wielder can make the eyes on the skulls glow, which lights the blades up with alchemist's fire, dealing an additional 1d6 damage and 2d6 to undead.

Each scythe has two hooks on the back that can be used to grapple an enemy. If an enemy is grappled by one scythe, the wielder gets a +3 to hit with the other scythe, and the target must make a deterity check to escape, doing which causes 1d4 points of damage. The wielder can forgo all scythe attacks if both weapons are used to grapple. While held with both scythes, any attacks made on the target are treated as attacking an immobile creature, and the target must make a dexterity check at half in order to escape.

While holding one scythe, the wielder can choose to pull one toward the other with an effective strength of 25 (e.g. a thrown scythe could travel back to the user, or the user could be pulled toward the distant weapon.) The weapons can travel at a speed of 100 feet per round.

Once a day, the wielder can make both scythes rotate around their body, improving armor class by 3 and anything within melee distance takes 3d6 damage per round. This lasts up to one turn.

The wielder can use one round to combine the scythes into one weapon. Attacking by spinning the weapon gives a +2 to hit on each consecutive attack after the first hit. If the user goes on round without landing a hit, the bonus goes away. Using the scythes like this is its own weapon, and as such requires proficiency in order to not suffer penalties to hit. A proficient wielder can attack twice in one round with the scythes combined, and becoming specialized in this style doubles the number o attacks in a round.

Item type
Weapon, Melee
Subtype / Model
Dual Scythes
Related Technologies
8lbs each
3 feet
6 feet combined
Base Price
70,000gp separately
200,000gp together
Raw materials & Components
Silver, dark wood, iron

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