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Pocket Clock

The pocket clock is a small device, usually 3-4 inches in diameter and about an inch thick. It has a small button on it that, when pressed, opens the clock. It has the bottom half of the display covered, and the top half reveals the disk underneath. The disk is half yellow and half purple and indicates the general time of day. Full purple would be midnight and full yellow would be high noon. The amount of yellow left as the disk slowly spins clockwise determines how much longer the sun will be up. In order to keep the disk spinning, the back of the pocket clock must be opened up and wound up every day.
Access & Availability
Pocket clocks are uncommon in most towns and cities, but most people will have an idea as to what you're talking about if you were to ask about one.
Gears, springs, sprockets, and screws make up the average pocket clock. It has a small button that opens it up, similar to how a pocket watch would work, and the back opens up to reveal a winding key to charge the clock.
A mechanist was working down in a cave, trying to gather some supplies for his latest projects when he lost all track of time. He desired a way to know whether the sun was up, whether he be in a cave or a thick forest.

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