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Phoenix Skin

I saw Michael get cut down by slice after slice, but at least each hit from the death knight's blade blew back in its face with hot flames. When the paladin fell, a magnificent explosion destroyed the undead bastard that took his life. Beautiful blue and green flames disintegrated all of the undead that dared touch them. After the cave went quiet, the flames died down and our loyal friend rose once more to serve his deity.
  Arcane (6th Level)
Reversible: No
Range: Touch
Duration: Special
Area of Effect: 1 individual
Components: S, M
Casting Time: 10
Saving Throw: Special


When cast on someone, they are imbued with the skin of a phoenix until they are healed by magic or potions, or are killed. This brings a few abilities:

-Whenever the target is hit with a melee weapon, a burst of fire shoots out of the wound, burning the attacker for 1d4 for every ten points of damage they dealt.

-If the target is hit with a spell that deals fire damage, they are healed 1d4 points of health for every ten points of damage the spell carried, but they are immune to the burn. If they are standing in a small fire, they regain 1 point of health per round. If they are standing in a large, raging fire, they heal 1d6 points of health per round.

-If a dragon breathes fire onto the target, they receive a quarter of the damage dealt, and they do not heal from its flames.

-If the target gets killed while the spell is active, there is an outward explosion of bright orange flame, along with their corpse burning with a flame that represents their alignment with a combination of colors.

Chaotic - Orange
Lawful - Blue
Neutral - White
Evil - Red
Good - Green
  The explosion deals 1d10 points of damage per level of the target to anyone the target considers an enemy. The target must save versus death to be “reborn”, and, if successful, are slowly regenerated and revived over the next 1d12 rounds. Any item that touches the phoenix flames must save versus spell or burst into flames and disintegrate. When the target is fully revived, the flames die out and the spell is over. The usual constitution penalty has a 10% chance of being negated.

Side/Secondary Effects

If the spell is on a target for more than 24 hours, their skin starts to break out into blisters and becomes sensitive to touch. Target takes 1 additional point of damage each time they get hurt. After 48 hours, the character begins experiencing a burning sensation all across their body, dealing 1 point of damage every hour, while taking 3 additional damage each time they are harmed. After 72 hours, the target begins scarring and skin begins to flake off. Every hour, they take 1d4 points of damage, and all outside damage dealt to them deals an additional 1d6 points. If the spell is active on a target for four days, they target dies and must save versus death with a -4 penalty in order to be brought back by the spell.


A slight golden sheen can be seen around the target for the first hour of the spell's duration.


The power of the spell comes from the powerful and mystical phoenix.


The spell is said to come from a very exclusive tribe near the equator that worships a phoenix which nested there.

Material Components
Phoenix Feather
Gold Dust, 10,000gpv
Gestures & Ritual
Sprinkling the gold dust in a circle around the target and then throwing the feather to burn it up
Related Discipline
The tribe dubbed as the Phoenix Society created this spell to aid in warding off poachers and hunters looking to claim the feathers of a phoenix.
Related School
Related Element
Applied Restriction
The spell cannot be cast underwater or in the air. It must be cast on a plane in which a phoenix resides.

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