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Life Link

Thanks to Jim, our group was immortal in the eyes of the enemy. They could cut us down, but one simple healing spell directed toward one companion, and we were all back up on our feet. Heal one and the others followed suit. We were unstoppable.
  Arcane (4th Level)/Divine (3rd Level)
Reversible: No
Range: 10 yards
Duration: 1 round/level
Area of Effect: Special
Components: V
Casting Time: 2
Saving Throw: None


The caster can link one person or creature with another person or creature, plus an additional one for every two levels beyond the level required to cast the spell. The link must start with one source link.

Creatures linked are affected by any and all effects done to each other. (e.g. If one linked person takes 13 points of damage, the others linked receive the same effect. If one is hit with a spell to make them lose ability points, the others linked lose the same amount.)
Similarly, if one person is healed for 30 points of health, the others receive those same effects. If the source link is killed, the others are released from the link.

Side/Secondary Effects

If healing is applied to the chain, anyone that is bumped to full health with extra healing left over will take a quarter of that healing in damage.

Gestures & Ritual
Brief chanting
Applied Restriction
People and creatures can only be linked to those of the same species (orcs, humans, dogs, red dragons, etc.)

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