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The Immortal Wastelands

Tales tell of a barren desert, savage even before the Great Cataclysm, that is the graveyard to gods. It is always talked about in hushed tones, and never a story from first hand experience. It is said that those that visit the damned place go mad, for their minds cannot handle such a thing as a mass grave for those strong enough to change the world. Others outright deny that it exists, because the gods influence has been seen through the clerics and through other deeds. One would truly never know if it exists any long unless they see it for their own eyes and experience it's terrors for themselves.


It is said that it resembles a blasted barren wasteland, such as great desserts before the Great Cataclysm. It expands on forever, with little growth or cover, with the blazing sun burning overhead dehydrating and blister or the freezing cold causing frostbite and hypothermia at night. Rumors also state what it changes on those within in, from one moment to the next, creating an endless maze sending visitors aimlessly into the dangerous desert.

Fauna & Flora

Very little manages to grow within the desert, with what little life clinging on desperately, and horribly warped from being in such close proximity to fallen immortals. Dangerous and mutated creatures roam the desert, constantly searching for prey to sate their unending hunger. They do not need food or water to survive, strangely, but they will kill and feed regardless, making them very dangerous foes. They are crazed and mad beyond belief, and will not retreat, even when mortally wounded.

Natural Resources

Strange plants, ores, and other normally unnatural things can be found in the strange place. Not much is really known about any of it outside of sparse rumors.
Alternative Name(s)
The Pantheons Fall


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