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Widel is a large city in eastern Erwy and one of the central industrial hubs of the continent. It was founded in 5th century BU as a mining encampment.  

Location and size

  Widel is stretched along a vast valley at the base of the Kalo Mountains. The city has a half-moon shape and is visible from afar, due to a constant cloud of smoke and dust lingering in the air above it. Widel is currently inhabited by 2000 people, though many of the traders are only temporary visitors.  


  The city of Widel is famous for its mine, the only source of sefia in Dain. Before the supernatural material was discovered, Widel mines functioned as copper, and to a smaller extent, iron ore mine. The current mine entrance is located around half an hour away by horse from city outskirts. Around 360 BU, Menes, the local noble family, moved into a castle built on the mountainside. The City of Widel surrounds it, giving its inhabitants an unparalleled view of the cityscape. The third significant landmark is the East Norwod Company Headquarters. The seven story building looking like a giant warehouse is a place of business of the largest transportation company on the continent.  


  Founded in early 5th century BU, Widel was initially a rest and resupply camp for copper miners. It was gaining on popularity, as it's mine was relatively easy to access compared to others, higher in the mountains. It was also plentiful enough to support the community and let it develop. The Menes family took control of the surrounding area in 4th century BU and held the position up until the Sadantes Coup in 23 BU, when control of the sefia trade was taken from old dynasty loyalists. After the Unification War, the city was given semi-autonomy. Though a puppet noble resides in the old Menes castle, Erres leadership very clearly has no intention of the sefia trade to be excessively regulated and the city is left to prosper as it sees fit under a City Council leadreship.
Large city


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