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White Stone

The White stone is one of artifacts recovered from the Sky Tower in 63 BU. It has supernatural properties, allowing the holder to issue orders impossible to refuse without directly trying.  


  The White Stone is an irregular sphere, 10 to 12 cm in diameter. It is smooth and white, with several blue streaks in an irregular pattern. Since 60 BU, the White Stone was incorporated into Wyeh regalia as the sovereign’s orb. It is banded with three perpendicular golden rings socketed with diamonds and rubies. On the top, a similarly decorated cross was mounted.  

Supernatural properties and history

The unnatural ability to issue orders when holding the stone was anecdotally observed by the miners exploring the Sky Tower, but not followed up on in any way. The person who found the Stone recounted later that he found himself making majority of the decisions for the whole group soon after the discovery. Unbeknownst to him, he relinquished this power when the treasures were handed over to the military regimen, who transported them to Wyental. The White Stone’s properties were observed by prince and future king of Wyeh, Ker Jasun the 3rd. It is during his coronation, that the sovereign’s orb with the White Stone was used for the first time. The king used his power wisely. He was famous for his public one-on-one debates with his nobles and critics, and through subtle suggestions, like ‘You will agree with me, will you not?’ he wore his opponent’s defenses down, until they couldn’t break their promises to the king. Jasun dynasty ruled with the White Stone in their grasp, until 23 BU, when the Sadantes family took over. In an act of defiance, Ker Jasun the 5th hid the stone together with the rest of his family regalia before escaping the country. The supernatural properties were never described in detail by the owners of the Stone, for the fear of the notes falling into wrong hands. The Wyeh historians only observed the unusual ability to debate and overturn opinions, as well as the lethargy befalling the monarchs as soon as they left the public eye.  


Currently, the old Wyeh royal regalia, including the White Stone, are in possession of Daro Aneri, descendant of Ker Jasun the 5th and member of the Wyental Peacekeepers.
Item type
Unique Artifact


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