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Veron Teshek

Veron Teshek (Born 26 BU, deceased 30 BU) is a minor noble and the founder of the Hunters' Guild.   Veron was born in western Erres, as the second son of nobility. His family owned several surrounding villages and sustained itself on wheat export, a fact that bored him to death. Young Veron was adept in archery, a hobby which he cultivated with passion. He was known to join with hunters from nearby settlements on their treks and killed his first wrug when he was fifteen. He set its horn in a bejewled hilt and often used as a weapon.   Once the Unification War broke out, the enthusiasm of the western Erres nobility to join was less then warm. As long as their lands were untouched, they did not care. However, Lineos Parmes, the king of Erres, demanded help be sent from each governing family, so Veron's father begrudgingly put together a supply convoy for the frontlines. Veron, maybe out of boredom, maybe sensing his destiny, jumped at the occasion to lead it.   When he reached the battlegrounds, he immediatly felt at home. At this point in the war, the large field battles concluded, and both sides reinforced positions in unfortunate settlements, hoping to one day push the frontline forward. Teshek almost immediately offered himself and his men as the spearhead of the next assault operation. Master of the bow, but also fast with a knife, he killed his first victim that night, then two more. He went on to gain reputation as mad, but effective, but his military career was cut short when in a fit of rage he killed one of his subordinates. To prevent his men from lynching Teshek, their commander relieved him of his duty, only to introduce him into an assassination squad aimed at the Wyeh leadreship. Teshek is credited with killing two of the leaders of the invading army and members of the Sadantes ruling family.   When the war subsided and the peace talks began, Veron felt the wind changing and with several comrades fled the frontline back home. There, he first helped his brother, Edia, to inherit their father's estate. His father was not exactly proud of his son for fleeing home instead of returning immediately, and admonished him for what his son called heroic exploits. Fortunately, one hunting accident later, Veron and Edia had the complete control over the estate. With his brother's support, Veron retreated to an expansive lodge hidden away in the western Dain forests and from there orchestrated the creation of the secretive Hunters' Guild.

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